Know your ROLE! Take this to heart. Find what you like to do most; ground pound, fly, run armor, and become the best that you can be at that one thing. For instance, I am very good in infantry combat, and learn to master every kit. Some are masters of the air. Still others are master tankers. Don't try to be the very best at every single thing, just find what you are most skilled at, and master it.

Don't get me wrong; you need to learn every skill, so that you will know the best way to defeat each class and vehicle and become even better at your specialty. But above all, concentrate on your specialty - it is your job.





Welcome to the

Warrior Nation Strat Factory 3.5



Before we begin, a quote from Master Sun Tzu.


‘Master Sun said:  “The traits of the true commander are:  wisdom, humanity, respect, integrity, courage, and dignity.  With his wisdom he humbles the enemy, with his humanity he draws the people near to him, with his respect he recruits men of talent and character, with his integrity he makes good on his rewards (and his punishments), with his courage he raises the morale of his men, and with his dignity he unifies his command.”



Here is a heavy tower takedown (a common scene in Planetside) converted to BF2 and conducted with perfect precision by the WNx Battlefield 2 match team earlier this summer.  Thanx to my old Sentinel Commander Gailin for the hosting of this movie.  And as always, thanx to Wakko for the space to host the BF2 primer.


Professionalism, Courage, Duty, Respect and Honor. While you might recognize them as the traits of the mighty Sentinels, they are also the traits you should strive for. If you feel these traits apply to you, then you are in the right place. If we exemplify those traits, along with teamwork, we cannot be stopped. Welcome to the battlefield!

Our section is based on a few common denominators: hard work, discipline, and a competitive drive. When you combine all three, you come away with a section that strives to be the best at whatever we set our minds to. This is why we have been successful and will be in the future. If you want to play with a great group of people and make great friendships, this is the place for you. Together, we can achieve excellence.


WNx Ranked Server

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TWL League

GWL Ladder

Here we are, a year into our existence, stronger than ever. As of this writing, we are 3rd on the TWL 5v5 Infantry Ladder, quite a feat of skill and determination by the Sentinels. We are rebuliding our 8v8 team to be even more formidable, bringing in new talent and an 8v8 team a singular identity is in the works: the Legion. We have a public server which is one of the 20 most popular 32 slot servers in existence, giving us a strong recruiting base for the forseeable future.









If there were a Battlefield 2 Section Manifesto, it would consist of one word: teamwork. Everything that we do is based on that singular concept - and what hard work it is establishing a coherent matching and training framework to ensure that we are capable of living up to the standard it implies. Within is our cumulative knowledge and experience, and we hope that you will be able to benefit from it as well.

If you want to get better at BF2, don't be annoyed with someone better than you. You should instead try and find out what that person is doing different from you. Getting advice or learning new tactics is a lot more effective than starting a flame war. Also think outside the box, think about why certain parts of the game are repetitive and use that to your advantage.




Warrior Nation BF2 - Officers' Address

Updated 06/07/06



What is a



Definition (Code of Conduct) of a Sentinel - Stint



Professional (having or showing great skill; expert) status, methods, character, or standards
A Sentinel must always poses great skill.



The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger or fear, with confidence and


A Sentinel must always face a challenge head on.



A course of action that is required by one's actions; a moral obligation
A Sentinel must always be willing to help other clan mates, whether it be for the game or as a friend.



To feel or show deferential regard for; esteem
A Sentinel must always show great esteem for their fellow clan mates and opponents.



principled uprightness; a code of integrity, dignity, and pride

A Sentinel must always display all these qualities at all times.