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Base assault maps

Appendix B

Gen assault maps


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Tower assault maps


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Backdoor Maps


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Base Names Origins


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Military Quotes


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WNx Information


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The Squad




Table of


               Here is a listing and a brief description of the pages in the WNx Sentinel Primer



Pretty basic stuff here, the main greeting plus an all new feature the ‘movie of the week, ususaly WNx movies of the different sections in Warrior Nation.  Also Links to all the new Dev material that is updated weekly and links to our current allies in Markov.


Table of  Contents:


The Squad:     

Soldier Atitude:  describing what you should think about when in an organized team.  Also the slightly humorous what kind of soldier are you.  Note, If you are on this list you may need to rethink your play style and perhaps lifestyle, um, and the car you drive too!


Commander Responsibilities:  What commanders should be thinking and doing when getting their squad underway.  Has the top 10 list of things squad leaders should be doing.  Also has the CR-5 list of what THEY should be doing but often don’t.




Waypoints/Maps:  description of the standard way pointing in Warrior Nation as well as color specific battle plans and rally points in sanctuary


Teamspeak:  Basic rules of what should, and should not be transmitted in open chat.  Also basic introduction of bindkeys for whispering and Battle Chat introduction which is a keystone in the WNx Teamspeak Rulebook.





Fire Discipline:  This is the very organized way that WN uses different terms for different weapons procedure.  Also contains some notes on indoor and outdoor movement for soldiers.


Positioning:  Specific instructions on how to move in and out of buildings using standard procedure.  This sits in a different place than the movement pages because it is an ‘always on’ type of thing.  Some Flash movies detailing some maneuvers are enclosed


Your Role:  Brand new page describing a new test phase involving the ‘heart of the squad’ method of team responsibility.  Current testing is underway.


Leadership:  The rules and regulations of Squad Leaders in Warrior Nation.  This is beyond the Commander Responsiblities because these are not merely suggestions but rules to be followed.  Also includes where soldiers should be when not otherwise instructed to be anywhere else.





Indoors:  Basic indoor movement page detailing hallways, rampart technique, some flash animation of a decoy max in position at the back door.


Outdoors:   Very simple setup of outdoor movement of troops on foot.  Included is a new TRAP technique where turrets are used for support fire in the field in an ever narrowing corridor.


Transport:   Page devoted almost totally to the Deliverer as the main ground vehicle of choice for the Sentinels.  Also included is some information on Gal dropping.  But the vast majority of info is how to properly run and gun on the ground with wheels.


Armor Support:  Armor, used in conjunction with infantry, to assault bases.  This is NOT an armor page for its own sake, but how it will support the troops from towers to bases and vice versa.


Air Formations: Great for Liberator bombing runs.  Instructions on how to get an air corps running in formation near the roof of the game in echelon, vic, and stacked lines.  How to rally them, and get them moving.


F.A.R.T.s:  Although Not fully called this on the page, it deals with the basics of using fast air transport to move a squad around the map quickly and efficiently.  More deatails on this type of maneuvers can be found on the farts page of the ShadowS primer.





Requirements:    WNx Soldier: Looking to join Warrior Nation?  Then here is the list of what you need to do in the field once you get it.  The top 5 rules are enforced strictly.


WNx Sentinel:   Looking for even more?  This is the Sentinels, the highest WNx soldier rank available.  The reason this whole primer was even made.  The requirements for these guys are heavy, but worth it.





Apendix A:     

Base Maps:     Five detailed maps showing the best route to the CCs and defensive positions to take up once there.

Apendix B:      

Gen Assault Maps:  How best to get to the gen room, and defeat the enemy that doesn't fight back.


Apendix C: 

Tower Maps:  Tower takedown maps of light and heavily defended towers and defense maneuvers of those towers once taken.

Apendix D: 

Backdoor Maps:  Digging in at the back door and fending off incoming attackers from the rear of the base.

Apendix E:

Orginis of Names:  A reprint of the July 03 Base Names Origins Post describing the meaning and pronunciation of nearly all the names in planetside.

Apendix F:

Military Quotes:  From Sun Tzu to Napeoleon to Bedford Forrest, some of the many Military quotes that ring true throughout the ages regardless of battle.  Also included are some humorious military quotes and for sheer sillyness a small list of Adult Swim Quotes from Cartoon Network

Apendix G:       

Links:  Links to everything that is surprisingly NOT planetside yet still very useful for tactical thinking INSIDE planetside.

Apendix H:         

Fiction Chapter one of a small fiction piece detailing the never ending life and life struggle of the soldiers in Planetside.  Chapter two on its way….

Apendix I:        

WNx Information: Information about Warrior Nation, the games its played and links to its main Law pages.  Also Included are links to my (kiddpark) bands MP3s that are up on the web and free for download under the band name KnewFoulke.

Apendix J:       

Credits:  The end page of the primer including thank yous and a listing of the primary team that helped test out the features of the primer.  Included at the top is a small slideshow detailing WNx tactics.


The Squad