Waypoints will have specific functions.† That way you will know EXACTLY where you are headed at any given time.† Here is the current listing of waypoints and their meanings



Waypoint 1 is ALWAYS the back door of bases.† Exception to this rule is Amp Stations and Tech plants where Waypoint One may be the assaulting stairs inside the courtyard.† WP1 is always the way INTO an enemy base for the PRIME target (i.e. CC/Tubes/Gens)



Waypoint 2 is ALWAYS secondary target that you will hit on your way to Waypoint One (see above).† Nearly always waypoint 2 will be a tower that the team will be taking on the way to the main assault point waypoint one.† The reason it is secondary is that it may be no longer relevant by the time you reach it (i.e. taken) but the back door is still waiting to be taken.


Waypoint 3 is a Wildcard Most often Waypoint three will be the location of an enemy AMS.† It can be anything the SL needs it to be.† Also WP3 will be the buttonhook on the turnaround when the elite team takes to the air and is on a YELLOW mission run.


Waypoint 4 is ALWAYS a rally point.† Most often the location of your squad vehicle (often times a Deliverer).† If you see waypoint 4 down on the ground and there has been no mention of any enemy activity otherwise that would warrant its change, then consider it the vehicles location.† This is used also for a rally point on tops of towers, or bases, or spots of cover before assaulting the main targets.

†In EMERGENCY situations, all waypoints can be used for whatever the SL needs at

a given moment but you will be TOLD of this when it happens and is rare



The Squad Leader will mark out where he wants the team to go using lines traveling from one target to the next.† The Color of the line will show you the fire discipline he wants to enforce on that mission.† NOTE:† The color of GROUND mission lines are slightly different then if they occur in the AIR and mean different things.† The ground lines refer to the fire discipline used to get to the area.† Not the mission itself like the air ones.




GREEN LINE:†† This means weapons free. (see next page) where anyone is free to shoot at anything short of a tree or other nonsense.† While traveling forwards guns work the 180 degrees fore of the craft and the aft guns likewise their pov.†


YELLOW LINE:† This is RECON mode which many should already be familiar with.† Recon means that you will NOT fire on any enemy you encounter UNLESS they fire on you first.† This will keep a stealthy attack in place and not alert the enemy to your presence until YOU are ready.† Also, firing deliverer guns at a vanguard is not the brightest way to sneak past him.† Fire only when fired upon.† Once fired upon, the discipline goes to green and anyone can fire.


RED LINE:†††† This is vital for tower drops so as not to get sidetracked with a good looking target.† Red is weapons hold at all cost.† If you see a target while on a red line run, you will not engage.† If that target shoots at you while on that run, you will not engage.† If they call you names and date your sister, you will not engage.† You will travel directly to the target following the SL and only then will you attack.† You will know when to open fire when you hear the SL state ĎWeapons GREENí


Before the teamís feet hits the continent, the squad leader will have written the locations of the command consoles above each of the major bases in YELLOW.† These are most likely already known but they are useful for quick access and VERY useful if you happen to be playing with a sanctuary squad.

Whenever you log IN or OUT of game you will try to use the EAST SIDE of the Broadcast Hart building as your access/egress point.† This will Also be the meeting spot for any maneuver that will be accomplished in game.† It is on grid location H9.


Example:† The team is gearing up for a hart drop on Cyssor and has 3 minutes on the hart.† They recall from the continent they are currently on and meet up at the sanctuary.† Once there they will converge on the east side of the Broadcast Hart to make their drop together.


Itís also handy if you happen to be on alone, you know that if† anyone is around, THAT is where they are going to be.† The exception to this rule is if when you recall if there is not enough time to get to H9 in which case itís ok to run straight to the nearest Hart.



Before the teamís feet hits the continent, the squad leader will have written the locations of the command consoles above each of the major bases in YELLOWThese are most likely already known but they are useful for quick access and VERY useful if you happen to be playing with a sanctuary squad.


The main target of the attack, when a base, will be typed over the base by the SL.



1 gens 2 cc  - would mean primary target once at the base is gens, then head for the cc.

1 tubes 2 cc - would mean primary target would be the spawn tubes, then head directly for the cc for the hack

cc - If there is only one message over the target, then it is expected that the team will take and HOLD The target, and there is no secondary.

If there is NO message above the target at all, then assume the primary target would be the CC.  If there is an enemy tower marked with waypoint 2 that will always be the first attack before entering a base. 


Drop Zones will be marked before the hart leaves, and they will be circled with a RED LINE around them also with waypoint 4.  This helps the team to focus on the spot.  (note:  the red circle does not denote a red firing discipline)  Also when possible. The SL will be the first to fall from the hart, the rest will zero in on his position and should ALL come down within a few feet of one another.  Once on the ground the soldiers will regroup before moving out.


The Above image to the right of Heyoka represents the following things:

The team will drop from the hart and rally up where the red circle has been drawn and the waypoint 4 has been placed

The team will travel in YELLOW fire discipline (shoot only when shot at) to sneak around to waypoint 2 which is always a tower.  When the tower is breached, the team automatically goes GREEN unless otherwise instructed.

From there the team would travel in a weapons free march to the base.  The backdoor of the base is always waypoint 1 unless the SL wishes to attack a roof target at which case it is placed on a courtyard staircase.

By looking at the map, even a brand new player would know that the CC is on the upper level in the hall and the SL wants the tubes taken out first, then move to the CC.



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