For those times when one outfit simply isn't enough to do the job at hand, you may need to organize a ’raid’ or large maneuver with other outfits in order to be effective.  To do this, communication is paramount to success above all other facets of the campaign.  Listed here are the basic tools for multiple outfits to work together for a common goal, and still be independent of one another so that no one outfit feels as if they are the Birddog for another one.   This is multiple outfit Coordination SOP.



Targets should be labeled ON MAP with numbers denoting their order of takedown.  From 1 (the inserchon base) to the last one on the map (exit base) so that there is never a doubt where the raid will go next.  This is NOT set in STONE, and will often change as the campaign progresses due to enemy activity and counterattacks.  But to have everyone on the same page in the setup means less chatter and figuring out in the field, leads to more coordination.


It is equally important that separate outfits choose separate key bases to bind at so they can deconstruct to these bases and resecure them as needed.  Using Deconstruct to move around vastly increases the attack time that you can get to a backhacked target.  Tech plants and bases linking caverns are especially vulnerable to attack and gen drop so it’s essential to have entire outfits bind at them in case of attack.  This should also be written on map, so team leaders can tell what outfits are responsible for what bases.  This ends up being a TON of work for the platoon leader.  But realistically, this is his #1 job over shooting stuff, is keeping  the team moving and focused on target.


The preplanning that needs to happen is the separate outfits need to choose specific targets that they will focus on during the campaign, for the length of the campaign.  If WNx chooses to secure Court Yards at the beginning of the continent, then that is their job throughout.  This does NOT mean, if they secure the CY, they need to stay there and hold it, which could be a potentially boring job, but it does mean they will set up some defenses before they move in to help the attack.  Same goes for Tubes, Tower or CC (think hen, shark, penguin & spider).  This should all be laid out in advance and kept as the raid moves its way through the Campaign.


Finally, before the Raid force enters the target continent.  Two special team leaders need to step up and take charge of particular forces:  The ant commander and the transportation commander.  These do NOT mean the people that pilot those vehicles.  They do, however, make sure that said vehicles are moving around the cont doing what are needed.  If you are ant commander, everyone in the raid knows who to ask and/or tell about ant runs.  Likewise, if you are Transportation (gal) commander, then you are in contact with the gal drivers instructing them where to pick up troops and the like.  If this works, it could be expanded to armor commanders and air commanders, but we need to see if these two simple ones work out first


Using a single teamspeak for multiple outfits can become an audio nightmare if not handled correctly.  It is STRONGLY SUGGESTED that the indivual outfits use some version of ‘BATTLE CHAT’ (see previous teamspeak page) to quiet their channel and be able to listen to the commanders over command chat.  That being said, ALL the outfit leaders and ROC’s should have commander set to on.  NO ONE ELSE should be speaking on command chat except for officers in charge of their outfits, and the ROC’s.  Other people can listen in to what's happening, but should NOT speak.


A simple code has been created for people to talk between outfits on teamspeak so as to distinguish the outfit commander chat from their own team chat.  It is as follows.


If you are stating something over command chat, you will say the word ‘command’ then the abbreviated version of your outfit name ‘RP as opposed to raging primates’ and then your message.  It is not important that you, yourself, are identified, simply the facts that you are using command chat, and your outfit that you are currently representing.  All comments on command chat should be kept as minimal as possible to avoid going completely crazy from multiple TS chatter.





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Base assault maps

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Preplanning is Essential for Victory


In order for a raid to begin well, it must be set up at least 15 minutes before the actual event.  This insures that most of the details have been hammered out between the outfit coordinators before the troops start to show up.  It’s important that the Raid outfit coordinators (the Roc’s) have a plan in place, and think at least 1 to 2 missions ahead so there is as little downtime as possible.  Down time KILLS morale and idle soldiers with loaded weapons are BAD THINGS.


The Rocs should agree on a target continent.  This will be called the Campaign.  The base SOI you are working in is called the Operation.  The specific targets are called missions. ( see leadership page here)  The setup for this is vital for the rest of the campaign to go smoothly.  NOT everything can be planned, but everything that CAN be planned should be.  The BEST CASE SECENERIO should be put together as if the continent would fall like dominos and the bases should be numbered from the first attack point to the end.  As you set foot on the continent, you should know EXACTLY what your next base of attack will be (within reason, the battlefield will change and the plan can change with it if needed) and the one after that, and so on, till the cont is taken.



Text Box: 1
Text Box: 2
Text Box: 3
Text Box: 4
Text Box: 6
Text Box: 5
Text Box: 7
Text Box: 10
Text Box: 11
Text Box: 8
Text Box: 9
Text Box: WNx
Text Box: RP
Text Box: BA
Text Box: BA
Text Box: WNx
Text Box: RP
Text Box: TFS

Also the use of the word roger to denote understanding has always been in use, but anything that gets the point that you get the meaning of the previous statement.


WNxKiddpark:  command, WNx, we are attacking bitol tower

Voodoosgirl:  command, RP, roger, we will be dropping on the CC in 30 seconds

Blamo:  command, Autobots, roger, there are BFR’s in the CY there, be careful

WNxKiddpark:  command, WNx, understood