If you are looking for nifty pictures, move on, this is the serious, in the field, what you will and wont do as part of a WNx unit.  Anyone else is free to alter this or ignore it as they see fit, but if you are a newly recruited Warrior Nation member you Will follow the following procedures (much like kujo’s list in the requirements section of the primer)  The list of ten things for elite squads are merely suggestions on how to organize a better unit to ponder over.  The stuff here is LAW for Warrior Nation.


Warrior Nation Standard Operating Procedure in all areas of Planetside



Notes on Fire Discipline for all soldiers:


The Squad will be under a blanket engage policy at all times green, yellow, or red. (sometimes called stoplight monitoring)  The following rules borrow heavily (and sometimes word for word) from the game play style of Tactical Ops (more information on the LINK page at the end of the primer.)


GREEN (Sometimes called “Weapons FREE)


Team members may engage the enemy at will using their own best judgment, as to whether their primary personal weapons, or the addition of other team members’ firepower will have the maximum neutralizing effect on the enemy. If they choose to open fire, it’s good form to advise other team members that they are about to open fire and engage the enemy, effectively warning them to seek immediate cover.  (using a contact report)


YELLOW (Sometimes called RECON)


Team members may engage the enemy at will, ONLY if spotted or fired upon themselves. If they spot enemy forces, they should seek immediate safe cover and send a “Contact Report” , then await further instructions. However, if they see an opportunistic situation to engage and maximize enemy casualties without jeopardizing the mission goals, they may exercise their own judgment and go GREEN to engage at will. If they choose to open fire, it’s good form to advise other team members that they are about to open fire and engage the enemy, effectively warning them to seek immediate cover. Once friendly fire commences, Fire Condition GREEN automatically takes immediate effect.


RED (Sometimes called Weapons HOLD)


Team members are in a “Fire Hold” condition and they DO NOT engage or fire on the enemy without a command order, usually from their Fire Team Leader. If they spot enemy forces, they should seek immediate safe cover and send a “Contact Report” , then await further instructions. If enemy forces fire in their general direction without seeming to know where friendly forces are deployed (often called Spec Fire), team members DO NOT return fire unless ordered. Once friendly fire commences, Fire Condition GREEN automatically takes immediate effect.



NOTE: The overriding principle to all of the above conditions is called COMMON SENSE . In other words, if at anytime the personal safety of a team member or themselves is jeopardized due to the enemy spotting or firing directly (no Spec Fire) upon the team, they should immediately engage with aggressive suppressing fire. Once the situation calms down, then they can send the appropriate “Contact Report” or AAR indicating current status. Once reactive friendly fire such as this commences, Fire Condition GREEN automatically takes immediate effect.


Notes on all movement for Soldiers:


Movement kills both you and the enemy. Whenever not attacking the enemy or defending likewise you will remain as still as possible.  Not moving means NOT showing up on enemy Audio, also much harder to make out a target if he stands still as opposed to run or walk.  If you come across a bigger enemy target that you cannot engage you will stop, drop, and wait for them to pass.  This is a standard technique for YELLOW fire discipline.


When moving, you will be like the water (Sun Tzu) and keep to the low lying areas while outdoors.  If you have to get up on a ridge, sneak up to it crouched, and cross over it quickly after a short scout.  Placing yourself in a position where you are silhouetted by the horizon makes you the easiest target of all time and you should avoid it.


Use the Buddy System.  This is sometimes called Binome Maneuvering.  Whenever you move anywhere, be sure to stick closely to another squad member, better yet your whole squad.  But even when the whole squad is not there, pick a guy, tell him, ‘hey lets team up.’, and you guys STICK each other for the rest of the game and cover each others asses.


Always move behind MAXs.  There is seldom a situation where you want to be in front of a max unit.  So be sure to stay behind them whenever possible.  Getting in front of them just means they have to alter the spray of their fire, and makes them less effective.  Maxes go first, Always.


Use Third Person View Often.  When inside, outside, hacking, healing, repairing, use your third person view, if you can, to keep a bigger field of view around you.  It allows you to see around corners, trees, other units, and anything that may hinder your view.  You should go into third person view every six seconds if you do not often use it.  When outdoors you should be in

third person totally until a CONTACT report is given by a squad mate.


When inside a tower the team will rally one flight up from the ground floorIf a tower is selected as a rally point, this is where the team will wait for the squad to get together. NOT OUTSIDE.  This is often called Tower 2.5.


Notes on Combat Maneuvers for Soldiers:


Shoot only when you have something to shoot at.  Do not waste ammo, do not make pictures on the ground, do not TK, do not knife friendly max units even though it does no damage.  If you have a target, and the code is GREEN, then shoot away, otherwise, keep your weapon LOADED, and at the ready, but quiet.


The Max is always the first one into any fight, do NOT get in front of him.  If there are no maxes, the first two soldiers through a door are called the BREACH team.  Two soldiers behind them will stand cover as the breach takes the door, the other two are called COVER team.  Anyone else is called RESCUE, except for the hacker who is called FRED.


The hacker is always the last one into any fight.  The advanced hacker MUST be protected at all costs when he is in the process of the hack.  You will engage the enemy in any way possible to delay the advance and create extra time for him to do his work.  Especially in towers, try to lure the forces away from the Hacker even at the cost of your own life.  If worst comes to worst however, plant yourself between you and the hacker and absorb every last bit of damage until you’re dead.  Fight back of course while you do so.  Hacks under 50% done when enemy fire is heard will be stopped and the hacker will help secure the position.  Hacks over 50% done will be continued no matter what the cost.


Give the enemy multiple targets.  When inside or outside, and an enemy is in site, if there is not a set defense plan (cc defense) make sure to give the enemy so many different targets that he cannot possibly shoot them all from his location.  The object is to have enough living at the end of the firefight so as to rez the whole team.


Create ambush situations.  Let the enemy think they are dealing with one hot dog who shot up the stairs, then run like a little girl screaming into the basement of a tower to have them confront a battle hardened squad of 10 with nothing to do but shoot in his general direction.


Attack from Below.  All spawn room attacks by organized special ops teams should occur from one level below the spawn room.  Every spawn room has a basement level that leads up to it that people often forget about when they are attacking.  Instead they line the outer hallways (again creating a fatal tunnel for the enemy to kill them) and die repeatedly.  Using this well known, yet not often used path of attack will assure you a greater chance of making it to the spawn room, while the rest of the zergs corpses are piling up out in the halls.  This is called a Mole Maneuver.



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