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Fire Discipline


Positioning using Doors as Triggers and a

Means of surprising the enemy


Letís face it, sooner or later, no matter how great a tank driver you are, youíre most likely going to enter an enemy base for something.† To get inside, like getting in your house, youíll have to pass through a doorway.† Doorways not only connect the outdoor environment to the indoor one, but all the rooms inside the bases and towers as well.† During the course of an average base hack you will encounter, and pass through at least 2 dozen doorways.† Each one a potential disaster, sometimes for you, sometimes for the enemy.† Depends on how you use the weapon given to you.



Turrets respond to your presence, when you get within a certain distance, they turn towards you and let loose a barrage of bullets that will ping you do death very quickly.† It is important to respect them, and keep a safe distance from them.† DOORS do the same thing, but instead of the door itself shooting you, it is the enemy soldier behind that door.† So whenever possible, you will take a route through a base or a tower that will keep you as far from the doors as possible.† The two prime examples:



When running up from the bottom floor of a tower, be sure to hug the middle as you move through the ground floor of a tower.† This keeps the doors closed, and makes the enemy have to hack them if they want to get it. (img 2 above)


When running down the outer hall of a Bio Lab heading for the CC, hug the wall opposite of the center doors leading to the stairway.† This will keep them from opening and possibly alerting the enemy of your presence until you are ready to do so.


When guarding a friendly door (back door) make sure to keep it closed.† MAKE the enemy lose a soldiers weapon so they have to hack it.† Guy wih REK, much less dangerous than guy with Jackhammer.† When defending, DOORS SHOULD BE KEPT SHUT.



This feature of doors opening do to proximity can be used to your advantage, in an offensive situation.† If you ready your troops near a door, and open it, the soldiers on the other side will instantly open up fire on you.† So, whenever you can, trigger the door, then back off for maybe a 2 second lag, they will waste fire on nothing and begin to stop firing, looking for whomever triggered it.† At this point, jump through the door and try to catch them a little of guard.† Iíd love to say I invented this tactic, but alas, itís been used on me that has me seeing its effectiveness.† This is called the Door Trigger Trick










Likewise, a great tactic that was used against WNx in the past I feel needs to be listed here and practiced.† Lets call it the Surging Decoy.† This is where a team knows an enemy team is in a certain location.† A single solder, max if possible, drops his weapon down and hits surge (or autorun for max) and tears through the doorway into the enemy, but does NOT engage, instead he moves until he is behind them.† Their weapons will swing around to take him out causing friendly fire.† Itís at this point, 2 seconds after the breach of the surging decoy, when the rest of your team enters.† The defenders have lost their focus, if lucky their guns are turned totally around.† And they are much easier to take apart.



When attacking a base, use the amount of doors in any room to judge if that room can be easily

held or not.† The more doors, or entrances, the harder it is to hold a single room.† You want to move the team from one easily defendable position to the next in search of the final target.† To this end, you NEVER want to get drawn into a fight in a large open space when you can avoid it.† Instead, secure small spaces with forward and rear entrances for point / flank men with a support team in the middle.† Large spaces should never be used to decide where to go, do all your thinking in a defendable location.


The Fatal tunnel (img 1) is explained in the Back door defensive maps, but it should be a standard practice for any squad looking to hold a position.† The general principle is putting the most amount of firepower onto a single target that the enemy has to move through to get to you.† The people aiming at the fatal tunnel need to be sure their flanks are covered while they are signally focused.



Use distractionary fire to your advantage (img 1 Breach man).  Let the enemy think they know exactly where the target is by firing from one location. (best example is bio lab cover vs rescue team)  When the enemy opens the door and sees 2-3 soldiers in one defensive position, they will naturally begin to fire on them as they enter.† Then, after he takes aim, the hidden man opens up from a secure location and the enemy may never know what even hit him.† Always have one man off from the main force in an unusual position to get an early shot off on the intruder.



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