Fire Discipline


Knowing Your Role in the Squad


Introduced here for the first time is position sensitive assignments.  This is called ‘the heart of the squad’ for reasons that will become clear later in the page.  What it simply means is that each man in a squad, even if the squad is not full, has a part to play to help keep that squad together.  This is VERY early in the testing stages and anyone that does any field work with this I would really like to hear how it is progressing as we ourselves are only just starting to use these theories in the field


The Image below represents the four main elements of a ten man team, that being, breach, cover, support, and leader or commander positions.  Running in formation in the field does not often happen, and we have forgone the very pretty rolling star, for a more easily run ‘get there and don’t worry what it looks like’ principal.  For this we are going to ‘slightly’ change back to a more ridged movement pattern outdoors, as well as indoors.

Your Role

The Heart of the Squad


The Image on the right represents the new way that a 10 man WNx team will travel indoors and outdoors.  Likewise when there are fewer than 10 man in the squad a variation of it will be used that ends up performing the same way.  What does it do?  Put simply, it places soldiers in key positions to help the squad according to their number in the squad.  At any given moment, you can look at your number in the squad and KNOW what you should most likely be doing if nothing else has been laid down for you.  Much like the ‘please stand here’ tactics we’re currently working on, this too will minimize the need to ask, ‘where should I be?’ and ‘what should I be doing?’


Here’s how it works.


Firstly it is not ridged.  It flows along corridors and through medows and around trees, buildings, etc.  Very rarely will it actually take the appearance of the two ‘X Spots’ you see to the right.  But it’s the idea of the X’s and especially of the ‘heart of the squad’ that should be focused on at all times to assure everyone’s maximum potential for their position.

Positions two and three are now considered Breach and/or Scout positions for the squad.  Whenever the team goes anywhere, indoors or outside, these two will be at the forefront of the squad.  When Possible, high impact weapons should be used from these positions like Jackhammers and the like.  However, regardless of weapons whomever is in the front of the squad number wise will try and physically be in the front of the squad.  These people are used as scouts in open areas to sometimes draw fire and scope out what the next threat is


Positions eight and nine are now classic cover or rescue positions.  They, along with the #10 commander will bring up the rear no matter what is going on.  These two positions are under the command of the #10 man, or the last man in the squad and they can be pulled back for ‘flanking duty’ when needed.  It is important that these people, when possible, have longer range weapons like pulsars so they can help the breach team even when several meters back from the front.

Position One is the Squad Leader, and possibly platoon leader.  He, along with all the other duties of that position, will set waypoints, lay out battle plans when able to, invites or kicks soldiers from the squad.  When the Squad leader has to go AFK for any reason, he will NOT leave without handing over squad lead to another member of the squad first.


Position ten is the rear commander.  He WILL bring up the rear of the squad at all times.  If there are fewer than 10 people in the squad, the person with the highest number will assume rear commander position and watch the flank.  At any time, the rear commander can call on 8 and 9 (cover team) specifically to help secure the rear.



Appendix A

Base assault maps

Appendix B

Gen assault maps


Appendix C

Tower assault maps


Appendix D

Backdoor Maps


Appendix E

Base Names Origins


Appendix F

Military Quotes


Appendix G

Web Links


Appendix H



Appendix I

WNx Information


Appendix J










Positions four thru seven are the ‘heart’ of the squad.  These are the people who will repair, and revive the rest of the team.  This consists of four members who are the dedicated healers and repairers for the team.  The rest of the team will TRY their best to stay firing and other actions while this core team keeps the rest of the squad running.  It is hoped that at least SOME of the members of 4-7 will have engy or med of some type.  If they do not however then the rest of the team is free to fix as needed.  However, most of WN is both engy and medics so the rest of the team should hold for these guys to do their designated job.  AND IT IS important THAT THEY ARE COVERED WHILE THEY ARE DOING IT.

Being where you are supposed to be...


There will be two forms of soldier movement:  Soldiers Free, and Soldiers Hold.  Soldiers free means they are, well, free to respawn, and move around the map as they see fit, engaging whatever targets they deem necessary to help the mission statement.  Soldiers Hold however will be the more standard method of Warrior Nation and here is what it means.  When solders are in a hold position, they WILL be at one of the following locations until otherwise ordered to move out by the SL or PL.  Failure to be at these locations means being out on your own and hindering the team as opposed to helping it.


At Sanc:  you will be at H9 (old amerish hart East side)  If you are waiting for a campaign to be laid out of other such activity you WILL be at H9 awaiting your orders.


At a Tower:  you will be on hold at level 2.5 (one level up from ground floor) in the tower after you respawn until you hear the go command from the SL/PL.  There is NO other place for you to be unless you are an AA max then you are free to proceeded to the roof to take out air targets.


At an AMS:  you will wait inside the AMS bubble for other members of the team to respawn.  Try to wait on the outside rim of the bubble so you can get away in case of an OS.  However, even if there IS a target like a back door or tower, you will wait there until told to do otherwise by the SL/PL.


At a Base:  this has one of two or three different positions depending on the mission statement. 


MT Base:  Lets start with a relatively friendly base which is mostly cleared of enemy forces (MT=empty).  Example being a recently hacked base or empty base.  The hold spot will be just inside the front doors of the base.  No matter what the base, there is a doorway in the courtyard where, just inside, the team will rally when not told to be anywhere else.


Spawn Attack:  After a successful spawn tube attack, the team will fall back to the room just behind the spawn room (same in every base) and rally there and wait for the next order from the SL/PL.  Once tubes are down, people are healed, and equipment is gotten.  It is expected that the team will be here, together, waiting for the next target.


Generator Attack:  This one is a fairly obvious one, being that, once the gen is blown, and everyone moves out, they move right back in and take up defensive positions until otherwise told to do something else.  So, in EVERY case, if you are going to BLOW the gens, the VERY next thing you do after that is go back in and Defend them.  Every...single… time.


CC Attack:  Like the Generator attacks above, this one is pretty basic stuff.  After a CC attack, of the SL/PL has declared no other WP4 than you will IMMEDIATELY take up defensive positions as per the primer Appendix A for the particular base and maintain that position until otherwise told to do anything else.


So that’s It.  If there is no waypoint four (and we will be using that less and less because you should KNOW where to be now) then you WILL be at one of the above locations.  It is VERY important fot he SL/PL to know where the squad is at any given time.  And you being in these positions will help the commanders organize future missions and operations.


One final word about positions.  It is VERY VERY important, especially in defense situations, that you maintain your positions once you have chosen them.  This can be a twitch game and when the enemy picks YOU as their target you feel the need, the WANT to move, but you cannot.  IF you move, because we work as a TEAM you will disrupt the fire lines of the rest of the squad.  So, once dug in, you’re dug in to stay and can only strafe SLIGHTLY to the left or right to try and doge incoming fire.  But you MUST hold your position.  If you are killed, one out of every three Wnx members is advanced med (really, that’s a real percentage) so you will be raised back to help the team.









The Squad