Moving Outdoors With Your Squad


When outdoors you are at constant danger of being sniped from random locations from all points of the compass.  That said, it is important to keep moving when in the open and even under cover, do not stay there for long.  You should wait for your squad to respawn beneath the AMS bubble, but not for TOO long because it presents a nice image to enemy CR-5s who are smart enough to use their reveal enemies and take a random pot shot at a nice shade of red.


Once together, the SL should have the general path laid out on the map where the team is heading.  Also he will have the color of the fire discipline ready to go.  If the target is a tower, it’s always the good door and always waypoint 2.  If a base, it’s always waypoint 1, be it a backdoor, or a CY staircase.  If there is a waypoint 4 on the way to the target, the team will rally up there before the final assault.  When rallying, weapons will be OUT, soldiers will be CROUCHED and look for cover spread over a small area to reduce splash damage from the enemy if spotted.


The way soldiers will travel is VERY simple.  You follow the soldier in front of you.  THE SL or his designated solder will head out as point man and everyone will try and keep up.  There is no specific formation, just stick with the team, use 3rd person, and keep an eye out for enemy.


The other ground formation is called a ‘quiet arrow’  this is used in a recon mode usually (YELLOW) where the enemy does not know of your assault.  You will follow in most often a YELLOW fire procedure but the distances of the soldiers will be VERY tight, very close, and the whole event is a very stop and go situation moving from cover point to cover point.





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Using Turrets for support fire in outdoor situations


CE’s mostly are mostly solo style players, like cloakers.  They head out and do their thing mining and throwing turrets round towers and courtyards away from the squad.  This tactic, called the Trap, short for trapezoid uses two combat engineers working together to support a squad in an outdoor fight.  The use for this is mostly to re-take towers inside friendly SOI’s from the back door.  It can also be used for slow advances towards any target.  Turrets cannot be set inside an enemy soi so it is only useful in the long, hard fight between the target and the start point.


Using Turrets for support fire has several advantages that aren’t immediately seen, and seldom used.  Here are a couple big ones…


·          Enemy solodiers, when confronted with two targets, one being a real person, the other being a turret, he will nearly always attack the person first ignoreing the turret.  This is a big mistake for the main reason….

·          Turrets don’t miss.  Once it locks onto you, unless you can find a way to stop it, it will continue to fire till you’re dead.  There are several ways to stop a turret from firing at you.  However, used in this tactic many are no longer available because of the chaotic battlefield situation.  When you encounter a turret alone, you can emp it, emp Nade it, crouch and stop moving, use a weapon at it, well the list goes on.  Now however the turrets are sentinels if you will, and real soldiers are firing at your position.  You don’t have time to switch out to an EMP grenade, you need your primary weapon.  Cant stop, you could fire up your implant, but more likely you’re saving the stamina for shield or something similar.  In short, unless they take time to blow them up, which ALSO helps because they aren't firing at real soldiers, the turrets just sit and do their jobs mostly unopposed.

·          Turrets tell you where enemy soldiers are moving in from.  Even if destroyed, they can be thought of as guard dogs barking out before going down so the rest of the team can focus their fire on the source of the turret going off.


Here are the Numbers


Using these following simple equasions, that have been tested in the field, you can lay out a Trap maneuver using only two CE’s to help support your squadron outdoors.  It can also help you Avoid such situations if you are on the receiving end of such a tactic.  Keep in mind that turrets can NEVER be placed inside enemy SOI’s so their use in this tactic is limited to open field battles or resecuring tower situations.



Turrets Activate and begin to fire at you at 50 meters.

Turrets can only be placed within 30 meters of each other.

Simple math tells us that the full diameter of the turret is 100 meters.  With turrets placed 30 meters apart, they are able to crossover their firing distance with over 20 percent double turret activity at any mid point.




So, we take Two CE’s standing next to each other, they spread away from each other using their reticules for target distance until they are 30 meters apart.  At that point, they set two turrets down at the short side of the trapezoid.  After that they move slightly away from each other and 30 meters from their turrets to set down another turret.  In order to find proper distance you can target the original turret out to 30 meters.  The other way is a bit simpler.  If you are wearing rexo, the time it takes for the turret to spawn once you place it, IF you run at full speed to your next plant zone, when the next deployable appears in your hand you have moved 30 meters.


Support from other soldiers while the CE’s do this is vital.  Keep in mind this is a LIVE battlefield so it is up to the SL wether to loose two live guns to set up 4-6 auto turrets.  While the CE’s are doing this, they need cover and distraction fire.  Once the trap is set up on the sides, each one can move in where now the high center can support two more turrets.  This is not essential as a choke point has now been created in the open ground leading back to the squad.  All this time, the squad is slowly advancing with the CE’s supported by the turrets and the CE.s

The Squad

Putting it

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