The Elite Squadron will use Two Deliverer vehicles to get around in while on the ground.† We use this over a single sunderer because of the nature of our missions.† Here are the main reasons for our use of this underutilized excellent vehicle


          it's small and can remain undetected when stopped and is missed by larger vehicles (ie tanks).

          four 20 mm guns can take out aircraft (a very large menace) over the sunderers 2 75mm cannons.


          Top speed much better than sunderer

          2 vehicles = two targets, if one gets destroyed, the other can continue on with the mission

Here are the basic rules of engagement pertaining to the deliverer combat vehicle by the elite squadron


The Vehicle will be positioned at waypoint 4 for easy reference.† The vehicle will drive along the path laid out by the squad leader unless there is EXTREME RISK to the vehicle in which case the driver has authority to change the path


The driver of the Vehicle will not be the one to repair it in a stop-n-fix situation.† Instead he will sit behind the wheel and scan for danger.† If a significant threat is determined by the driver, he can elect WITHOUT WARNING to drive off and save the vehicle over the engineer fixing the vehicle.† Later to return and revive the dead engineer.† The ride must be protected when possible.


The Two gunners in the vehicle will also NOT be the repair men.† Instead they will man their two 20 mm guns atop the deliverer and scan for danger.†† The gunners positions will ALWAYS be manned by non engineers.† The gunners will aim their guns FRONT gun faces forward all the time REAR gun faces backward.† If there is a target the one gunner will call it out in a CLOCK reference (nme at 8 o'clock), so both can assualt it.† multiple targets will be taken out ONE at a TIME.† Both guns will train on a single target till it is destroyed, then move on to the next.


two modes of travel in a deliverer.† RECON and ASSUALT.† Recon means that you will not fire at anything unless you are fired upon.† Assault means you are free to fire.† If you are in doubt which type of mode you are currently in, announce the enemy position and then whether or not you are free to fire.

The two seats left will be held by engineer(s) who, when needed, will pop out of the vehicle and fix it anytime damage is over 50%.†


The vehicle driver (see above) has overriding authority to leave the current location if he feels he is in imminent danger of attack with only scant warning to the engineer.† Most times the Ďfixerí WILL be able to get back in because the vehicle needs him as much as any other member.† The

engineer can override the vehicle operator and tell him to halt at any time to repair.


If you carry a LANCER as a weapon.† Then you will NOT gun for the deliverer if possible.† There will be situations when the vehicle is under attack and one of the passengers who has a LANCER will jump out and find cover to attack the craft attacking the deliverer.† In this situation the deliverer will double back near the lancer gunner so he can have a few clean shots at the attacking target.


Finally the trunk will be loaded with the following items.† The most important is one or two greaseguns.† If you have a dropship in the LLU, then you can make a favorites list for your vehicles and set it up with at the very least 300 extra rounds of ammo, then add on grease guns, decimators, thumpers, and extra ammo for each.


Only recently have we been using galís for mass transport.† I donít normally recommend them because they can be hard to come by and they separate a member from the squad.† If you are going to use them though remember the following things.


When dropping on a tower or base, do not expect the gal pilot to slow down for you, when he reverse thrusts, or turns, this can cause a FF incident and no one wants that, do gal drops at full speed when you can


When falling, take out a weapon and also you can use SURGE to maneuver yourself in the air to affect a perfect drop.† On top of towers the team will meet up at the GOOD door on the roof the same way the do for a tower attack.† Not for any real strategic reason, simply to get everyone on the same side.† If there are stragglers or non outfit members in the drop, be sure to open the other door before descending.


When mounting a tower drop, it is essential to have maxes in the max positions and they should most likely be QUAZAR as opposed to comets.† Soldiers should carry Decimators to take out maxes they encounter and let the friendly maxes wipe out the soft targets.† Maxes always go first.


The Gal driver can easily bring them in from Sanctuary now because of broadcast warpgates directly to the battle.† Thereís no need to look for a dropship center if there are spaces on a continent.† This goes for any vehicle.


Have someone do an EMP on the way down if possible







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