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This is not an armor manual.† It does not pretend how to pretend to understand the complexities of organizing an armor squadron.† Thatís not what the primer is about.† What it IS about is a grunt squad doing their best to survive.† Sometimes with help from above, or vehicles, in this case armor.† This is about Armor helping out the Sentinels do their jobs better by supporting them in the traditional tank role, something you very rarely see here in Planetside.


Example Situation:* You have a tower near an enemy base.† The back door to that base is within acceptable distance from the tower.† You rally your team at the tower, and then head for the back door only to be cut down by enemy fire or turrets, or mines, again and again.* You respawn, regroup, and choose a different plan for your attack, swinging further away from the fight and the base before you cut back to the target, but the same thing happens.* What do you do?

This is where support armor comes into play for the Infantry squad.* Unlike Armor squads for their own sake, the armor support is there as a means to help the soldiers get from one target to another alive, not to wreak its own destructive havoc on the field.† There are two ways this can be accomplished.







The other way that armor will help the squad is in a direct fire situation.† The armor piece will glide up to the friendly held tower, and position itself on the far side of the tower from the action near the base.† Once the word is given, and a plan laid out on the map by the SL, the tank will begin to slowly make its way to the back door at the sails pace of 5 or so.† If the driver feels he is safe enough to do so, he may run over mines and turrets on his way.



When the tank starts, the Squad will run out the back door and STAY BEHIND THE TANK as it makes its way forward.* The tank, much like in the previous method, will absorb nearly all of the firepower as it apporaches the base.* It will only veer off when it is heavily damaged.* By that time however, perhaps half the distance to the back door has been crossed with very little damage to the squad.* If the tank survives, it will repair, and regroup back at the tower in case the indoor battle did not go so well.

The single armored vehicle or team of armor will use a waypoint system to travel from a safe rally point where they can return to to repair, along the path that leads them in between the base under attack and the tower.* While they do this, they will travel very slowly (around 7) as they absorb fire from the troops inside the base and sweep up the mines and turrets that the enemy has laid out on the ground for the soldiers.



Their object is NOT to engage the base except for the turret gunner, and his main target is the turrets, but their job is to be a bullet magnet.† Every shot taken at the tank is one NOT taken at a soft target.† Every enemy that switches out his heavy assault for a AV weapon is diverting his attention from the people coming from the tower.


Once the armor has made its run threading the needle of the base / tower, it will return to waypoint four to fix up, and then make the run again, doing it over and over, absorbing all the damage it can possibly take, helping out the infantry.† This mission will isolate the tank driver / gunner from the rest of the team, much like a gal pilot, but it may be the only thing to break the stalemate.


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