This is how the missions will look and run while moving around a content with a squad of mosquitoes. (or even a gal)  We will be using what I call the ‘Stoplight Approach’ for the Red / Yellow / Green colors of the battle plans.  It is hoped that by using these color coded plans that chatter on teamspeak will be cut down greatly.  You will KNOW what the mission will be because of the color of the line.


NOTE:  The aircraft used by the sentinels are NOT for an air corps squadron, however they can be used as such as the need arises.  They are simply the best mode of transportation available to get a squad of people around a continent as fast as possible.  When in the air, they are more like Airborne Rangers, than an air corps and will avoid air to air battles when possible.  However, if an attacker feels lucky enough to take on ten of them, they will defend themselves.


Air Mission Standard Operating Procedure



1.   The squad leader will put in a call for the team to get into the air to reach their next intended target.  At that point, the entire team has 5 minutes to recall / deconstruct / switch out armor, and get in their air vehicle.  If everyone is able to get to the rally point (WP 4) before the 5 minute deadline, then so much the better and the SL can get things started earlier.


2.        While the team is getting in gear, the squad leader will be setting up waypoints and mapping out the target.  Waypoint four will be the rally point where everyone meets up to take off.  From that point will be a line leading to the intended target.  The COLOR of that line will indicate what the squad leader wants to accomplish from the assault.  The FIRE DICIPLINE will be re-enforced by the SL as the mission starts.  The use of it will be exactly the same as on the ground, green = free, yellow = recon, hold fire unless fired upon, and most importantly is RED, which is basically ‘STAY ON TARGET’ no matter what.  Anyone that sustains 50% damage (when not on a red mission) has the ok to break formation and go fix up.


       A RED LINE leading towards a target (tower lets say) indicates that the SL wants you to DROP on that target and attempt to take it with the rest of the squad.  The mosquitoes will be lost in this type of attack.  The line will start at the rally point and END at the target.


       A GREEN LINE leading towards a target means the SL sees no point in losing the aircraft in taking the current target so with the use of the blue line he is saying to LAND at or near the target and move to take it.  The landing zone will be marked by a blue circle (if there is time) and/or labeled as waypoint 3 (the waypoint wildcard)


       A YELLOW LINE leading towards the target means the SL is telling the squad that it will do a Passover of the target and possibly strafe any opposition that is down there.  This line is different from the previous two because it travels THROUGH the target and leads off into a non populated area.  Once there you will notice that it hooks around and travels back over the original target.  Then once again it travels either back to the original rally point (WP4) OR it ends up at a friendly air tower, or some other safe spot.


3.        Once the waypoints are set and lines in place, the SL will call out the point man, he will travel first in one of the formations listed on the previous page, or in a loose zerg of flyers depending on what the SL wants.  Formations are not enforced when there is heavy enemy air presence but try to fly a loose VIC whenever possible and function as a wingman for your fellow pilot.


4.        What happens next is depending on the color of the line listed above.


       RED:  Team will drop, AS they drop they will take out their weapons and prepare to fight, this will cause a bug that will place the sound of wind in your ear for the rest of the time you are alive… Deal with it.  People dropping who have the AUDIO implant should have it on for early reconnaissance to see what weapons are needed for the rest of the mission.  Hacker should ideally be the last to drop but this is not essential.  If the rooftop is cleared and safe of enemy, make sure the party is healed and repaired before breaching the door.


       GREEN:  Once on the ground remove your weapons and rally together heading for the target.  If the target is a door of ANY type, 2 men will cover, 2 men will breach, and 1 will hack.  If anyone has Audio they will turn it on for advance reconnaissance.


       YELLOW:  The team does not land with the yellow line (unless shot down)  They will travel over the target and loosely follow the line through its buttonhook until it re-crosses the target and ends up at its zenith.  If, after the first pass there is no enemy opposition, the SL may opt to change to a GREEN or RED type of attack where he will say something to the effect of ‘ land and secure’ or ‘drop and dump’ meaning to dump the aircraft.  With resistance, the pilot will strafe one or two loads of ordinance at the target then after burn to the buttonhook, then turn back and repeat, meeting up at the rally point at the end of the mission line.  This is called JOUSTING because of the straight line to the target, passing totally by it, then returning a few seconds later.


5.        Once the mission is complete, the SL will declare the air campaign over and begin looking towards another target.


NOTE:  the color of the air missions differs from the color of the fire disciplines.  Also When on red missions formations are NOT REQUIRED and the group is expected to stay close, but not worry about formation flying whatsoever, just get to the target.  The squad leader may call out ‘Loosen Up’ to tell the pilots to break formation and fly in no standard formation at all



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