Putting it All together


So you’ve read the movement pages, SOP, the shadows material that goes along with the Sentinel primer.  You’ve gone over Argg’s Slammers Armor manual, you’re brain is about to burst with all this ‘theoretical’ knowledge.  How do you put it all together in the field to make it work?  Lets use a tower takedown as an example on multiple specialty squad movement.  First up, the rally points for the three squads





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Putting it

All Together



The Squad

Putting it

All Together

Tanks (slammers) providing flanking fire



Soldiers & Maxes Rallying EAST side safe from fire (sentinels / shadows)



Aircraft keeping top doors pinned down (shadows & Kenwayy)

Heavy tower takedown

Revised 2005

Sent / shad / slam

Sentinels would rally inside the staircase in closest proximity to the tower.  Shadows would rally in a floating star on the far side of the base away from the tower so as to be out of the line of fire.  Slammers would rally inside the gate closest to the tower. 


If you have the manpower, you will position two gunners in the turrets that face the tower, and rain down cover fire at the upper and lower levels of the tower consistently even if no target is present.  You also will assign two soldiers with glue guns to repair the tanks from the back of them as they make their slow advance.  Also you will assign two CE’s to create a TRAP to help support the troops out towards the tower.  The rest of the ground squad will COVER these CE’s and the tanks as they move.


SL calls Begin, at which time the slammers will pull their tanks around to where the staircase is that the sentinels are rallied in.  At the same time, the shadows will move from the far side of the base to take positions behind and high over the tanks and be ready to lay down support fire.  The vehicles are now in place.  When they begin to move, they will move no faster than the team can keep up with them.  The tanks (if enough are present) have dedicated repair teams keeping them in shape, and the mossies can weave in and out of the trap and pull back for repairs at the base.  Now it’s time for the soldiers to hit the field.


The team climbs up the stairs, and jumps down to the outside wall.  CE’s immediately start setting up support turrets in a trap formation.  As they do, the rest of the team covers them with support fire, and covers the tanks likewise from lone AV attackers.  The entire team, tanks, air, and infantry, moves slowly to the tower setting up turrets and repairing the tanks.  It is AGONIZINGLY slow but it must be done to make sure the entire team sticks together.


If all works out correctly, then the entire team will be at the tower a few minutes later and start to prepare for the updated heavy tower takedown.



The Slammers (armor) will take up positions on the good / bad doors and begin to lay down suppression fire when the doors open, and friendlies are not in the way (like that’s every gonna happen).



The Sentinels (infantry and Max support Shadows) will now line up on the EAST side of the tower in a line now safe from enemy fire and get ready to roll south and into the good door.  ONE MAN will go first to hack the door and then call out OPEN so the team can get inside.



The Shadows will hover outside the good bad UPPER doors laying down similar suppression fire as the Slammers but from above.  The tanks and the mosquitoes will continue this until the SL gives the order to begin the mission.



Once the order is given things start to happen fast, everyone, on every front, must do their jobs exactly as it is written down here so that the OTHER teams know that YOUR team is where it is supposed to be.


The SL will call GO, and the shadows will drop from their aircraft onto the roof.  At the same time, the slammers that will work on their firing so as not to hit the hackers.  As all of this is going on, TWO hackers will hack the good and bad doors. (the bad door hack can be ignored if there is not enough firepower).  Once both these doors are hacked and opened, the slammers will shoot a barrage of crossfire across the 2nd floor landing, the bad door slammer actually shooting the lower 1.5 hall inside wall.  They will do this for only a second or two, then the Infantry team will move in the GOOD DOOR at which time the good door slammer will HOLD HIS FIRE.  The bad door slammer can continue his fire without fear of hitting the team.  Once the last Infantry is in the good door slammer will resume his firing to cover the rear of the sentinels / maxes on their way up.  This fire is to be kept up until the door closes even at the risk of shooting friendlies.


Now that the Sentinels are starting to move up from 2  to 2.5, the shadows have dropped from their mosquitoes and have begun to hack the upstairs good door.  The reason the shadows don’t hit the upstairs at the SAME moment is so the commotion downstairs draws any guards away from the roof and pulls them down to deal with the sents.  Shadows move down using outside walls and assassinate the defenders as they try to fend off the sentinels from the other direction.



Once all CC floor defense has been neutralized, one of the Shadows will hack the CC.  As they do this all the Infantry with Lashers will open fire on the corner one landing down from the CC and continue to spam it with lasher fire, even with no enemy there.  IF the enemy are coming up from that corner, they will suffer greatly for that corner.  Even MAXES will fall within 5 seconds of sustained lasher fire from 4 or more infantry.


Shadows complete the hack.  Then the team moves down and sweeps the tower rallying up on each landing, then moving to the next AS A TEAM.  Once the operation is complete, all crew rearm at the weapons terms and rally at 2.5 for the next assignment


All this time, the Slammers are still guarding the doors from the outside, getting spam shots in until such time as the tower flips purple then they are free to hunt for stragglers who may otherwise get away.



This is the new heavy tower takedown with the full hammer of WNx hitting the enemy