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Rules & Regulations for the Warrior Nation Soldier



These are the rules that All Warrior Nation Members will abide by while playing Planetside.  These are not merely suggestions like the Squad Attitude Pages, these are Law.  The first five rules have been written down by the Chief of Warfare for Warrior Nation WNxKujo and fall into use into many of the games that Warrior Nation plays.  Planetside is no different.  IF, after reading the rules you want to apply to Warrior Nation, you can find the application form listed on the Application button on the right.

WNx Soldier


WNx Sentinel


WNx Soldier



Warrior Nation Code of Conduct


1) Absolutely no TKing at all for any reason


If someone TK's you, do not seek revenge. Ignore it and continue to play on as if nothing happened. It might've been an accident. If you are repeatedly TK'd by someone in an outfit, take down their name and their outfit's name and report the incident to one of our officers or our outfit leader and they will take care of the rest. Once again, do NOT fight back. They'll have to quit eventually unless they like weapons lock. We're above TKing.  NOTE:  There are situations where a Squad leader can override this rule, however it has NEVER been done and would take extreme measures for it to ever happen.  The punishment for breaking this rule is swift and extreme with only one or two warnings before dismissal from outfit.  Players in Warrior Nation will NEVER purposely try to ruin the game for any other people.

How a Warrior Nation Soldier Will

Conduct himself in the Field


The above list from Kujo are the simple rules that every WNx member will follow.  They should all be very self evident and easy to do so.  Here are the NOT so evident things that WNx players will do in the field so that everyone can be on the same page.  If you are planning to apply to Warrior Nation and anything on this page seems over the top or too hardcore for you, it is advised that you move on to a different outfit page because we take this, and the way we enforce it Very seriously.


·          Respect all Positions in the game:  Everything your mom told you was right.  Say please when asking for things, say thank you when receiving them.  Treat people the way you would want to be treated.  Please THINK before sending out an angry tell to anyone. (someone may be taking screenshots for posting later….)


·          Obey your squad leaders orders while you are in that squad.  You are allowed to question or offer up opposing ideas, but it must be done so in a /tell or a whisper.  Do not question the squad leader in open chat.  You are free to solo, but must leave the squad to do so.


·          Do NOT respawn until told to do so by the SL.


·          If you are assigned a position by the Squad Leader, it is your duty to hold that position until otherwise told to do so.  If assigned no position you will either rally at Waypont 4 or be in the set areas mentioned earlier in this primer (main room, 2.5, behind spawns, etc)


·          If your character is above level 15, it is expected (though not required) for you to gain either advanced hacker, or advanced medic, to support your outfit.




2) Never exploit any bug/glitch or use any hacks


If you have become bugged or glitched in a way that gives you an unfair advantage over everyone else in the game, you are expected to immediately log out of the game and ensure you are no longer bugged before playing on any further. If we find out that any WN member has exploited bugs or glitches or used hacks in PlanetSide on purpose, the punishment will be severe...and perhaps permanent.


3) Racism will not be tolerated


Whether it's on TeamSpeak or on in-game chat, Warrior Nation has ZERO tolerance for racism. Yeah, we can all take a joke realize sometimes a mild joke involving race might be told, and it'll be funny, but "mild" racial jokes should be as far as it goes, and only if everyone is enjoying it. Anything else outside of this is racism and once again, the penalty for it will be severe.


4) No Excessive Vulgarity


This includes all the common vulgar words, such as "shit", "fuck", "bitch", "asshole", well as words like "gay", "fag", and all of their variant forms. Every once in a while is alright. Most of us are adults, and those who aren't are mature enough to handle it. We all get frustrated sometimes and may blurt out some of these words as a result, but I don't think any of us like to hear a long non-stop stream of constant vulgarity, whether it's on TeamSpeak or in Squad or Outfit chat. Please be sure to keep your language in check. If you can't keep it under control, you may be removed from the TeamSpeak channel and placed on ignore in chat. If needed, further action may be taken.


5) Battle Chat = Don't talk unless it's important


If a Squad Leader calls out Battle Chat on TeamSpeak, everyone in that channel is expected to remain quiet until the Squad Leader says otherwise. However you may speak if you have something important to say relating to the squad's immediate in-game status. Otherwise, the Squad Leader is the only one that should be talking. No ifs, ands, or buts about this one. If you persist in talking about something you shouldn't be talking about when Battle Chat is called, you may be kicked out of the channel

The Squad