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WNx Sentinel



How to apply for the Planetside Division of

Warrior Nation


Warrior Nation has no open recruiting policy.  We do not spam invite in sanctuary.  Neither do we invite someone in the outfit whom we have just met with a ‘no outfit’ tag on.  We take great time and care (some would say too much care) on choosing who to recruit and who to reject.  What this does in the end is make sure that the quality of recruits is the very best it can be.  This is the way recruiting currently works on WNx Planetside division (10/18/04)


There are eight officers in the Planetside division.  An outfit leader, three captains, and the 4 other high officers.  They are the ONLY ones in the Outfit that invite.  This is not only a rule, it is put in place by the removal of all non officer positions that are able to invite.  Each Officer may invite ONE recruit per week if he so chooses.  So, in the most busy month possible, a single officer can invite upwards of 4 recruits.  This seldom happens however.  The officer is directly responsible for the recruit he hires as far as keeping track of them, helping them along and such.


Now that you know the system that is In place to become hired, what is It YOU need to do.





Before You join


1.        Read the Primer.  It is important that you, at the very least, read the requirements page to see what our most important rules are regarding mature, professional play.  We take our game very seriously, not so serious that we still don't have fun with it, but our enjoyment is derived by serious tactical play.  Do you enjoy this kind of game?  Do you consider yourself a team player nearly 90% of the time?


2.        Fill out the WNx Planetside Application.  (linked on the right)  And you should get a response of some kind within 24 hours.  There are only a maximum of 8 recruits allowed per week (one per officer).  And that also means that every officer WANTS to take a recruit, so there may currently be no space.  But requests are taken in order that they are received.


3.        Get in a Squad.  Once you have done 1 & 2 above.  You may enter the game and find a wnx player (easily done usually by typing /who wnx) and ask them for a place in the current squad if there is one running.  You can explain you have read the primer and have an application in place and they will give you a place in the squad.


4.        Get on Teamspeak.  They will also give you access to our teamspeak server, which you can already read right here is  password warriornation.  This will give you access to the guest room.  Once there, an SA will pull you down to the Planetside room to squad with the team.


Now you’ve become aquainted with the primer, filled out an app, gotten on teamspeak and are working in a squad with Warrior Nation.  All of these things should be accomplished within the first day of your application to WNx.  What happens next is the probationary period.





Your First Week


Unlike 90% of the outfits out there, you are not immediately hired when you first contact us about recruitment.  Instead, a 7 day trial period begins on the day you place your application where at the end it is decided by the Officers in WNx if you are to be hired or not.  For one week you will go either untagged, or with the tag of your previous outfit, but still squad with WNx and be on their Teamspeak.


It is during this time that the rest of the outfit can see how you work with a team.  It's also the time YOU should use to see if we're what you expected and maybe we're not what you're looking for.


You will be contacted in some way by your recruiter.  This is an Officer assigned to you to act as a guide and answer any questions you may have about our particular style of game.  He will be your principal voice in the forums until you become a member.  He, more than anyone else, will have the most weight in deciding your admittance into WNx.  He will make himself available to you for any questions or comments.  Also feel free to ask ANY of the officers you find on any questions.  You can tell them by the CA (channel commander) by their names.


After you have gotten in contact with an officer.  You will sign up for the forums on the main sight, it can be found HERE.  Then it will be put in cue to be activated once the 7 day trial period is over.


There will be two ongoing posts about you in the forums as you go thru your first 7 day trial.  One in the sanctuary forums where anyone in the outfit can post their thoughts about teaming with you.  The other is in the Officers forums where it will ultimately be decided to accept or decline your application into wnx.


at the end of your first week.  you WILL receive a full answer and most likely admittance into WNx at which point  a few things will happen



1.       your forum account will be activated

2.       you will receive a custom soldier avatar for use in the forums with your name on it if you so chose to use.

3.       the posts regarding you will be reset

4.       you will have full access to the sanctuary forums as a full member of WNx





Your First Month


During this month, a drill instructor will get in contact with you and some other new recruits to arrange dates for some basic training in our primer tactics.  After completing 2-4 training dates and maintaining a solid presence on the forums and in game you will receive the advanced clusters behind your soldier avatar meaning two things


1.  that you have completed training and are considered Advanced in the ways of tactics

2.  that you have been very active in forums and in game.






After that?


what happens after that is up to you.  There are special squads like the Shadows or the Sentinels you can apply for at that point.  You also begin automaticly begin working towards the Elite Soldier position which entitles you to a bit more power in the outfit.  Requirements for that are the following


1.       Three solid months of in game, and forum activity.

2.        Adherence to the primer, quick thinking, sacrificing the team over the individual and other honorable traits



We hope you give Warrior Nation a chance if you are tired of the Zerg and looking for organized team game play.  We consider ourselves as good as the best organized teams out there.  Thank you for your time and feel free to drop us a line in game.


The Squad