Once the CC is hacked it is a reverse situation from the initial attacking positions, if not breach (who have been breach since stairwell) or rescue then consider yourself cover and position yourself according to the image above, if someone else ends up in the position you were heading towards, change to accommodate.  Cover men (blue) will position on either side of the pylons on the stairs of the outer walls of the CC chamber. 


The 2 man breach team who initially entered the outer chamber, AND the opposite side of the CC will remain inside the CC mounted at either door, keeping that door closed, but staying near enough to it so as to open if it the cover team needs help,  they will stay to their relative sides, EVEN if there is fire on the opposite side, they will ONLY leave position if the cover team is under SEVERE pressure. 


Rescue team (yellow) will be comprised of only 2 men at this point.  They will hold positions at the center of the outside CC wall, they can mark this by a single LINE that travels down the middle.  They will PIVIOT their position 180 degrees depending on which side is under fire.  This way then can protect EITHER door depending on where they are needed.  They will NOT advance on either position, but instead maintain theirs in case there is a double attack.  Rescue team MUST stand, crouching will cause FF incidents.


When you get within range of one of the entrances, you will surge into the staircase closest to the entrance of the Base.  Once there you will repair / reload / and revive your health & stamina (the three R's) for the trip across the rooftop to the CC.  You are at extreme risk while you travel outside and on the roof so you will use SURGE at all times when you are above the ground level outside.  You will NEVER stop unless to engage a target and even then do not hold position for long.


Once you have made it to the CC outer doors, you will use the standard door breaching tactic to enter.  It might be wise to let the hacker run first when leaving the stairwell so that the door can be ready to be breached once the rest of the team gets there.  Breach and Cover positions will be laid out AHEAD of time in the stairwell so that EVEREYONE knows where to go once at the outer CC doors.  IF you are NOT on the breach or Cover teams, then consider yourself rescue team and position yourself  close to walls or cover AWAY from the cover / breach teams, so as not to die in a volley of Reaver fire.


Once the CC has been breached, make your way inside maintaining a continuous wall of fire if resistance is met..  Attack it like you would a tower in a heavy situation.  Sweep the outer corridor as if traveling down a hallway and break up from the original 2 x 2 mode and meet up again on the far side.  The Last two of the rescue team to enter the outer CC hallway will hang back to cover the flank door position.


Now the CC is hacked, the soldiers will take up the following positions.

Amp stations and Tech Plants are the exception to the rule of always entering by the back door.  They are the REASON so many Planetside players call out as they enter... 'CC up or Down?


This first page is about Amp Stations (thus highlighted) which have the most floors of any base, yet one of the easiest path’s to get to the CC room.



Included with this first battle plan are the keys to the maps that will come for the rest of the primer. 



Appendix A

Base assault maps

Appendix B

Gen assault maps


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Tower assault maps


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Backdoor Maps


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Base Names Origins


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Amp Stations

Bio Lab

Dropship Center

Interlink Facility

Tech Plant

Appendix A

Base Assault Maps

Amp Station


The Squad

Bases Command Console / Generator Locations






Amp station


sub basement

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Bio Lab


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