Bio Labs have the least amount of floors of all the bases in Planetside, and are unique in having their Generator room located on the roof.  With so few floors it's obvious that you 'will want to use the back door to enter.

The team will use the standard breach technique to assault the back door.  a 2 man cover mixed with 2 breach and a hacker.  The two breach men will stand to

the LEFT of the cover men so as not to cross the breach teams line of fire.

Once inside they will move down the hallway with two men taking up flanking positions at the rear door until the front men reach the first underground door.  Once the front men reach this door, everyone will crouch to one knee, do the triple R (repair/revive/regroup) and then move on to the next objective.


Each time the front crew moves to the next door, or destination, the back to Flanking men will stay at the rear of the hallway until just before the team will move into the next location.  Like the dotted Green line signifies, do NOT LINGER in the open room areas of this, or ANY Base, they are Death from multiple angles and are VERY hard to cover.  Stay close to the walls in these open spaces and try to get to the next secure destination as quickly as possible.  If you die in an open space it will risk 2 more soldiers to revive you, and you may be left behind


If you want to take out the Generators the best way to do this is to sneak around the side and head up the stairs and make your way to the generator room which is in the center of the base.  Once the generators are down you can access the lower floors through the staircase, and since there are ONLY three floors you can find yourself at the CC very quickly.







Make sure to have your flanking men in locations 1,2 and 3 to be sure that your rear is well protected as you make your moves through the halls. 


Just before heading out to the next target, pull the flank men up close to the rest of the squad.  When in that LAST stop location, bring 50% of guns to bear on the CC door and the other 50% to cover out towards the upper hallway door you just came through.  Have a mix of Decimator's and Lashers due to the expected presence of max's in the CC.  Certain times the squad will split into two fire teams to attack a max from either side, but the SL will notify all members of that as they approach and see a Max on audio

The CC of a bio lab is the easiest thing to defend of al the bases.  The reason for this is the excellent choke points to enter the antechamber of the CC.  When guarding the doors (like ALL doors) stay clear enough away so they STAY CLOSED so the enemy has to open them to see what's up inside.  The cover men (almost EVERYONE is a cover man) will be on positions like Cover & support team positions are not static, they are free to jostle for best position standing/crouching.  However they are kept BEHIND the invisible line that cuts the 6 square CC antechamber in half.  Finding cover behind boxes, or walls is expected, and use a 5 shot burst when enemy is seen to try and keep a continuous wall of fire (like rampart technique).  The Rescue team is composed of 2 men targeting the opposite doors.  They either line up on either side facing the doors.  Each Rescue man's PRIMARY target of fire is the door they are closest too.   Right man right, left etc, however, if an enemy gets past the initial volley then they can assault the middle corridor from both directions (yellow dotted line).  As a rule, door # 2 will have more enemy due to proximity of the Spawn room.



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