The second hardest CC to hold is Dropship Centers.  Much like interlink facilities, the two types of bases have multiple floors underground which can be confusing.  Add to that the bottom CC level has s3 entrances and the Longest single hallway in the game, and you got some serious covering to take care of.


First we'll get down to the CC level, then figure out a way to defend it .

Enter the base through the back door, and proceed downward.  Depending on your target you will take the first or second corridors on your right.  The first will take you on a direct path to the generator, the second to the CC.  Both are on the bottom level and easily accessible to one another once there.  But for the quickest way to either, remember 1 gen, 2 cc.


Use the stop spots to regroup and repair before moving onto the next target.  The hallway in the basement just before moving down is dangerously close to the spawn chamber and should be moved through as quickly as possible.  The final stop should be where the team gets ready for the assault on the CC.  You may want to post a rescue flank team on the high end of the final staircase (box 1)to watch for people coming from the spawn room as you get ready for the final attack


The path to the RIGHT will get the team to the CC quicker than the two sets of doors on the left.  However, if there are maxes inside the CC, then the SL may want to split the squad for a tandem attack.



Defending the CC of a Dropship center can be easier than it looks.  You just have to take a large space and make it smaller for defending purposes.  Treat the Northern hallway as an entrance and you make it much easier to defend.  Have two teams of cover men targeting North into the hallway, and West towards the stairs door.


Have support and rescue men swinging between the two positions making sure everything is covered.  Much like Interlink Facilities, the positions here are more of a guide then set.  When an enemy is encountered, it is ok for the defending soldier to fall out of position to chase down or back up other defenders, but once the fighting is over, they will fall back to their original positions.  There is no reason to be INSIDE the CC at all, the battle is won or lost out in the antechamber (again like interlink).  There is a dead zone in the sub basement across from the Generator where you may opt to hide 2 rescue soldiers to flank incoming troops.  Very few people ever enter this part of the base (unless lost) because it serves no offensive or defensive purpose (until now)  When enemy move down the corridor, these two men can flank and they are caught in a crossfire and cut to pieces.  This goes against keeping the squad close however, and is best used by cloakers when possible.



When your target is the generator or spawn tubes over the CC, then you must make the FIRST right after entering the back door.  This puts you on  the  quickest path to the enemy CC and then downstairs to the Generator.


The yellow line represents the path to take to blow the gens.  Keep in mind however this is the standard attack when trying to disable a base


1.        Blow the enemy tubes, if you cannot blow them after repeated attempts….

2.        Blow the gens



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