Welcome to one of the nastiest Command Centers to take and hold in the game.  This one along with dropship centers drag you down into mazes of corridors and when you finally reach the e CC you are looking at 4 separate entrances to the antechamber.  This requires precise timing and should be practiced more so than the other CC hack runs due to the huge amount of things that can go badly at any given moment.  Always be DOUBLE on guard at interlinks.





Enter the back door using standard breaching technique.  After that cruise down the hallway until you reach the fork in the hallway.  Two men will be assigned rescue unit and they will travel on down to the other entrance to the larger room and wait at the door to protect the flank at point one.  The rest of the team will cut left and hold up just inside the hall.  Once there the SL will tell the team when to move out of the hall and into the open room and eventually down the stairs.


The ONE team will lag behind the main force and take up position at TWO to cover the flank at the team holding at the door to the entrance to the antechamber of the CC.  Once the SL gives the go, then the team guarding TWO will fall in line and all the squad will move towards the CC.



Cover team are free to move but once the enemy has been subdued will return to the shown positions.  Two men on the left side of the room outside the north CC door, and two men down in the center of the long corridor with most of the doors on it.  Two men will hold support positions on either of the two grids to repair the other teams.  The support men alone will fix and heal, the cover team will never holster their weapons.  The CC is undefended from the inside because there is NO reason to have people there, if they get by the outer wall, it will fall.  Once the front line is breached they will easily blow up whoever is in there from both sides.  The fight is won or lost OUTSIDE the CC, not IN it.  Usually though, CC defensive measures at Interlink facilities or dropship centers is much rarer than the other three types of bases for some reason.



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