When possible one soldier (preferably a cloaker) will position himself outside the CC hallway inside the airship access terminal to the right of the CC hallway.  He will alert the inner team of advancing enemies.  If it is in fact a cloaker, he will NOT engage, and merely call out when enemies walk by.  We are testing a new type of soldier called a support man (green) he will have weapon out to defend, however just after any shooting HE will have med/engineer gun out to repair his fellow soldiers, even when more fire comes down.  So far it has worked out well in the field.


The rescue team will maintain their positions of surprise at the bottom of the staircase until the enemy knows of their existence and starts using thumpers and/or advancing in large numbers at which time they will move forward and their fire will aim towards the lower hallway door into the main room.  A support man can be used in-between the Cover and Rescue teams.

Tech Plants are the Heart of any Continent attack for the well known reason that without them, or one in your lattice line, you cannot gain access to advanced vehicles like magriders or reavers.  No techplant means no victory, period.


The CC of a Tech Plant may be the hardest to defend in the game, though it does NOT have the multiple entrances that Interlink and dropships facilities have, it does not have a sufficient fall back space to defend for cover.  Amp stations / Biolabs with their two choke points (doors) and adequate room for defenders makes the final defense setup an easy situation to control.  But the only choke points that tech plants truly possess are a hindrance TO the defenders and an ASSETT to the Attackers.  We will deal with the multiple ways to defend a tech plant CC in the later part.  First, the initial attack.


The best way to attack tech plants, assuming you are aiming for the CC and not the gens or tubes, is from a rooftop surge.  The quickest way in is using the stairwell closest to the entrance on the FAR side of the vehicle terminal.  If you do NOT have access to that you MAY use the stairwell close to the vehicle term, but you will NEED to stop mid surge under the air vehicle pads to regroup in a safe area before attempting the assault of the CC upstairs.


Surge 0 ramma.  Enter on the opposite side of the vehicle terminal and wait in the stairwell to heal, repair and revive stamina.  After that, surge back up and head up the stairs, then to the right and straight to the CC outer doors.  The force may have to split at the roof to enter from two separate directions when there are multiple enemies present.  The SL will inform which members will take which doors.  In fact, the SL (squad Leader) will have assigned all postitions to everyone prior to leaving the staircase (just like amp stations) so no one gets lost on the way to the CC.

The solid green line represents surge.  As you can see from the above image, surge is almost the ONLY thing you will do when attacking a tech plant.  The question of running with weapons UP or DOWN will be left up to the SL depending on how fast he wants you to travel.  You will enter to the right of the rear entrance, then proceed to the stairwell to the right.  once inside you will do the 3R's and wait for the word to head up.  If a soldier is lost on the way to the stairwell you will NOT stop to get him, but instead continue on with your team to the stairwell.  After you have regrouped it will be decided if it is safe enough to go back and revive him.  While inside the stairwell, people will either look UP  or DOWN at the two choke entrances for cover.


All positions (breach, cover, hack) will be ironed out while in that stairwell.  You will know where you are going and what you are going to do LONG before you leave it.  If you are not on the breach or cover teams, you are a rescue man and will spread out and cover the other teams, but far enough away so as not to perish in reaver fire or a well placed NME boomer.  Standard door breaching methods will go into place once the CC outer chamber doors are reached.



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