Some, but by no means all the ways to destroy gens:


Decimators:††† Decyís will make short work of gens, it will require however 16 shots however to do it using 3/16 = 5 decimators + 1 shot.† If a pain mod is in use, then might as well forget this method


Boomers:†††† As mentioned somewhere else in this 9 boomers + a jammer grenade will destroy the gens with a single blast.† Itís important that the jammer switches (part you hold) are dropped as you place them.† If you hold onto them then the jammer will have no effect.† This time consuming method is also not recommended when pain modules are in effect.


AV Max:††††† Any AV max can take out the gens quickly and efficiently all by themselves.† This is the only method that can be done with pain mod in place while still remaining safe.† The key is to stock up on 10 or more medpacks in your max suit and keep hitting them as the pain mod kicks off health / but not armor.† Before you run out of health, the gens will be blown.††

Here is a list of maps directing you to the back doors of the five facilities and paths directly to the generator rooms (do there what you will).† All the gens are in the sub basement with the exception of Bio Labs where itís on the roof.† As always, green lines represent quick movement (perhaps not surge) but the red is cautionary travel at all times.


A small team equipped with the proper weapons and advanced medics can sneak into an enemy base, take down the gens, and foul up the enemies lattice line for enough time and pull away enough of their soldiers from the front to make it an effective tactic. One of the important things do to while attacking gens it to not let your presence be known until the moment you begin to take out the gens. For this reason, nearly all Gen Attack Missions are classified as YELLOW (recon) status. Thereby if you can avoid being detected by the enemy entirely, you should do so.




Appendix A

Base assault maps

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Gen assault maps


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Tower assault maps


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Gen assault maps

Appendix B

Gen assault maps


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