Rescue team will engage the NME at the breach positions of the two doors (good & bad).  Basicly, the positions of the Breach team in the setup facing out will be repeated by the Rescue team on the good door, and likewise on the bad door. If called for they will fall back into the tower and go up or down depending on the need of the situation.


If your name or number is NOT called out in the front end to guard the doors/hacker, then consider yourself rescue and position yourself accordingly. This goes for all positions, if you see one is taken you are heading towards, do not fight over it, place yourself in the next available position.

In the image above you will see the positions of the Breach Team / Cover team & hacker.  The only real key to this is the breach team facing what most would assume to be the WRONG WAY, however, since the cover team and the hacker are both facing Towards the tower then their backs are exposed. The breach team, not needing to see the tower cause its covered by the Cover team, is free to cover the 180 degrees that is not seen by the cover team. We need to get into the practice of trusting one another so we don't have to feel the need to take care of our selves ALONE.


The reason there is a GOOD and BAD door is you always want to enter thru the door next to the stairs going UP, the reason is twofold: 1 we want to get to the CC as fast as possible, and 2 if you enter in the other door, you will be crossing possible enemy fire from soldiers coming up to respawn. So, unless the tower is deemed as TOTALLY DEAD by the commander.  The team will Always use the good door for access of a tower.  Even if it takes slightly more time to reach the good door vs the bad door.  This is worth repeating one more time for emphasis.

Once the command to hack is given, the hacker will open the doors. The cover team will declare the interior clear by calling out CLEAR (V+W+X) and then the breach team will follow the red line path inside and upstairs into the tower. After they enter the cover team will enter and go straight downstairs and guard the tubes.


The hacker will Always be the last one in the tower.  He will follow the breach team up the stairs to the CC where he will meet up with ONE of the two breach team (this will be called breach 2, the one closest to the hacker at the beginning of the takedown will stay within visual range of hacker at ALL times). The other breach man (1, see image) will sweep the tower is up to the top level. Once clear, the roof breach man will come back down to the ground floor and stay in between doors. the reason for this is there is an emergency he can help out above or below, below being the trouble spot because the upstairs has already been swept and the NME can appear at any time below. Also he is there to open the locked doors for the Rescue team if needed.

Always use the GOOD door


The breach team will position halfway between the tower and where the sidewalk ends. The cover team will position at the end of the sidewalk in front of the door in a side by side fashion.


The breach team may use a different setup depending on situation, where they will line up on the LEFT side of the door holding a line of fire similar to what they do in their current position, except it will afford them the opportunity to NOT CROSS in front of the Cover team. This is still being ironed out in the field. It is HOW we do enter back doors however. the only problem is there is a large blind spot behind and north of the hacker if there isn't a rescue squad that cannot be seen if they line up on the LEFT side of the door.



Breach, Cover & Hacker ready to open the GOOD Door



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