If there are any rescue men left behind they will take up positions of the orginal cover men and continue to fire across the ground floor to pin the spawning enemy soldiers behind the cover team.  This wall of fire from the rescue team should be kept constant, meaning, keep 5 round bursts from lashers and reload while others fire.  This line must be maintained to keep the flanks clear.  The hacker stays with the rescue team or helps fire as a member of the rescue team.


Once the Cover team runs out of thumper grenades heading up the hall they will call out BREACH GO again and at that time the breach team will rise up and turn the corner the same way they entered the tower.  People like to go around corners like a record or a Nascar race, people inside stay in and out stay out, this is NOT the way you will do it.  The breach team will walk straight across in a similar line they used to enter the tower, and begin firing up the stairs till they reach the last step before the next landing.  Meenwhile the cover team is reloading and falling in behind the Breach, waiting for the breach to call out COVER GO.


It will go like that till the CC is reached, at which point the breach team will call out HACKER GO and the hacker will SURGE up the stairs and get to the CC.  If one of the teams has an ADV hacker with them, its ok for them to start the hack, in which case the hacker will take up the cover line of the soldier.  The two teams will guard the CC landing up and down midway on the staircases angled around, with a healthy mix of lasher and thumper depending on where the most fire is coming from (most likely down)







During this operation, any soldiers that fall will not respawn, and will also not be revived until the mission is either completed, or abandoned. 


One man may take it upon himself to switch to support (green S) to heal up the armor and health of his comrades, but he will be the only one.  Try and keep your weapon in your hands as you move around protecting the CC.  If there is an enemy presence moving towards you, put yourself between the hacker and the fire, even if you TAKE the fire, do it.  One man should move very close to the hacker as a shield.  If you can gain 5 seconds for the hacker, you've done your job.  Do not leave that line to engage targets.  The hack must go through even at the cost of your, and EVERYONES life.

Three men (breach) will line up in front of the GOOD door on the LEFT side in a line pointing towards the door.  They will call out BREACH SET.


The cover team will line up parallel to the breach team, in a line of three across the line where the sidewalk meets the grass.  They will have thumpers, grenades can be fragmentary or plasma, but thumpers are essential.  Cover men for towers should have a 'Tower Takedown' favorite kit with a thumper and 2 decimator load out.  Once in position they will call out COVER SET


Once both the breach and cover teams are in position and both call out SET then its up to the cover team to tell the hacker to go and then the breach team to begin the assault.  They will do this by saying BREACH GO once the door is opened.  As the breach team begins their forward advance, the cover team will lob grenades into the door and across the hall on secondary mode so that they bounce down the stairwell into the spawn room. 


The breach team will advance the three man line exactly from their original position, once inside, they will turn left and begin to fire all at once, creating a huge wall of lash.  Then they will move slowly up the stairs till they reach just below the first landing.  Once there they will call out COVER GO, and drop to one knee and reload.


The Cover team will fire 2 grenades each as the Breach team begins their assault.  Once the Breach begins to fire, the cover team will move up starting with the left man until they walk into the door on a diagonal line firing one more time.  Then once inside, they will turn left and follow the pattern of the breach team, waiting for the signal to bounce nades up and over the breach team.


A third team if available will be at the BAD door doing the same attack as the cover team, lobing plasma grenades down into the spawn area on secondary fire to hold back the enemy.  They will serve as cover to support the actual cover team coming in after the breach



Appendix A

Base assault maps

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