When fixing your comrades, or other maxes.† You will do it from the safety of the other side of the hall, outside of the main fire reach when you can.† The distance the med applicator and engineer gun can work is good enough to keep the person healing the left soldier out of harms way, and the person healing the right just barely in the fire zone so they can duck in and out.† Remember, the further away from your target you are repairing the less likely you will get hit by the same attack.


During this time there will be drops on the tower due to the fact you are doing such a fine job holding it from the ground up.† There will be a designated soldier with audio implant or darklight that is keeping a close eye on the map.† This will usually be, if possible, the person with the most lag, worst gun, and crappiest player (like, oh lets say ME).† So he wonít be missed all too much from the fray checking on ghosts.† Once a dropping enemy force IS found, itís important that only 2-3 of the 2.5 defending force break off to take care of it.

Ok, now that we have some basic rules we follow in every situation, lets break a few.† When defending a tower with a single Sentinel force (base 10 man squad) you have to make your decision whether to defend the CC (2.5) or the spawns (1.5).† Nearly always you will opt for 2.5 landing defense to keep the enemy away from acquiring the cc.† To do this.† You need only line up your heavy armed men at the the top of the staircase above the main floor.† We call this area 2.5 due to the fact its one half floor up from the main floor and one half down from the third.† Once there, the front team will crouch down and take up left / right positions in the hallway so that others can get by.† A team behind it will stand so they can shoot over the first team.† This is called a British Line because this is how they lined up to fire their weapons at medium to close range targets in the field.†


Once an enemy enters the door or comes around the corner from the other door, the first team will open fire on them with the standing team following in after a second or two so they can keep fire up for a longer time.† Once the enemy start to move in the front team, if† the squad is alone, will sidestep slightly to the middle while the standing team remains in position.† This effectively blocks the hallway with your body if all other methods of stopping the enemy fail.† If maxes are in position (the ShadowS hanging out to help) they will hold the middle positions and the rest of the squad will take up the outside flanks.


It is important to have the spam weapons when defending the main floor from a higher or lower level.† It is also important to try to stay off that floor as much as possible.† Maelstroms, thumpers and radiators make for great spamming walls of death on the main floor for the enemy to fight through.† They also produce a similar result when aimed UP or DOWN the stairs at the team.† It is important to keep the fire up in heavy defense situations on the main floor.† Especially for maxes, due to their huge ammo reserve, itís expected to fire off some suppression fire even if the main level doors are closed, simply to damage the enemy before they even get a chance to see you.



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Tower Defense

Text Box: 5 meters

When you have more than one team of men on, it is possible to (major rule break) split the squad! (gasp!) into two separate fire teams that will be referred to as (go figure) cover and breach.† The cover team will be on 1.5 covering the spawn tubes as is their same responsibility in a light tower takedown, and the breach will be the team up at 2.5.† To do this, the best way is to split the platoon along the squad level and send indigo down and gold up, or a similar method.† This way the team knows where to go at all times.† It is hard to Trust that someone else is doing their job when out of site, but this is what you have to do.† If an enemy runs through the good door and out of site of the breach team, they have to accept the fact that the cover team will take care of it and try not to chase him out.


It is very important to hold your positions, moving around will cause those behind you to stutter their fire and create gaps in the line.† By staying still you leave firing lines open for constant assault.† Also by staying still you create a wall of soldiers that the enemy canít get by other than killing.

The Squad