Many times there will be an enemy assault on the back door and people will gather just inside it to defend, lining up in the hallway poised with guns trained on the back door waiting to be hacked.† This is fine if you have a small squad, but when the hallway chokes with more than a few people, grief abounds, and effectiveness diminishes.


To get more people better firing lines on the incoming enemy, the team will fall back to the first major room the backdoor hallway opens up to.† The positions marked on the right indicate places where there is decent protection from items scattered around the rooms (boxes mostly).† Soldiers with thumpers on secondary fire are vital to holding back door positions, however they should only fire once the doors are open for obvious reasons.


It is important to have two teams aiming at the door from two separate locations.† This gives the advancing enemy two different targets to shoot at and they cant hit both.† Also with one positioned slightly behind the other (at least in relation to the door) of someone breaches the first team, someone from the second can fall back and take care of it.


When all the teams fire falls on the same point its called a Fatal Tunnel.† It is very hard for any enemy to make it through that area alive, or in any condition to mount an assault.† It is seldom advisable to follow the enemy back into the backdoor hallway for it is an unsafe environment.† Make them come to you, and use the door as a trigger for your fire.


When covering two doors that are in the same room (interlink facility) the squad, like the other back door scenarios, is split into groups and each one takes a door.† The quick door (door closest to the Spawn Tubes, CC) is covered by team one 100%.† The slow door (further one down the hall), is covered by team two, however team two will shift focus back and forth between the two entrances.† The likelihood of the enemy taking the quick door is great, and the support fire from team two will be needed.† Team one may find that team two is under heavy fire from the slow door, but they are not to leave focus from the quick door, unless a mayday is called by team two.


When covering two doors that are in different rooms (dropship center) there is a dilemma as to where to place the majority of your forces.† The positions on the map to the right indicate good spots to use for cover fire and creating a fatal tunnel.† But you cannot split a 10 man squad into 4 separate 2.5 man units. (unless you have a really big saw)† So you must choose ONE to guard and hope the other people holding the back door can keep a different one.† The objective is not letting any enemy in YOUR door.† If they eventually take the base by the other way then thatís sad, however YOU did your job by holding them.

Deconstruct Technique


This strategy is often ignored (along with use of the hart to cross vast distances, and binding to AMSís) and underused by all empires that Iíve come across.† So I see it as an exploitable advantage in our favor until more people become wise to it. And even when they do, when executed properly will still be hard to counter.

This requires a friendly AMS or tower near the friendly base that has been enemy hacked.† It requires the following things to work.


          The power must be up at the base

          The spawn tubes must also be up at the base


Since both of these items are quickly taken out as the base is captured it is essential that this maneuver be carried out swiftly in order to work.† All the members of the squad will spawn and/or meet at an outside AMS or Tower and load up their heaviest weapons and equipment.† At this point they will all enter the spawn tubes of the AMS/Tower and deconstruct.† Then once go code is given all of them will reconstruct as a huge fighting force in the spawn room of the hacked base.† Each soldier will attack what is directly in front of them, leaving the other soldiers to their direct targets.† Since they will be expecting a soldier with no armor and no weapon, the spawning of a heavy exosuit with a lasher or perhaps a decimator or even a thumper blowing up tons of enemy around them† will be quite a surprise.

If this assault is successful (often it may fail due to the superior numbers of enemy camping the spawn tubes) then all forces spawned will try and hold the spawn room from the inside taking care not to open the doors.† With the doors shut it means that at least one enemy must be holding an REK instead of a weapon making them a much easier target.


Jump Trees (AKA Whisper Willows)


On Ishundar, and one base on Oshur (mithra) there are certain trees that can be run up and hop right inside the base.† In essence this creates another access point to a base that already had 3.† The SL may opt to use a jump tree to enter the base if it has one.† These are also called Whisper Willows for the guy i first saw using them WNxWhispers (retired)† Here is the list of Jump Trees and the side of the base they are on



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