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The Art of Darkness:† Urban Operations

this series of PDF format documents is the basic strategy of all urban environment engagements from a tactical standpoint.† Itís quite lengthy and covers vast points including the strategic use of deception in an urban situation, should be some very useful stuff for the underground combat soon to come in core combat.†



Fort Benning Georgia† US Army infantry Training Center Website

Just a huge huge starting point for all things military.†



The following chapters from the Ranger Handbook are useful.† Lengthy, but useful.† Especially the formations chapter.† There are indeed the full 14 chapters in this series of pages, but Iíve left out the ones not fully adaptable to Planetside, but feel free to change the links (end link chapter (1-14) to view the entire series)

Chapter One: †††† Principals of Leadership

Chapter Four:†††† Formations

Chapter Fourteen:† Urban Operations



The complete history of Rorkes Drift:† The British vs. the Zulu.

†This is one of my favorite movies (Michael Cainís first BTW) and historically one of my favorite battles.† Itís truly riveting how a small platoon of Redcoats held off thousands upon thousands of ZULU (albeit with superior weapons).† Take note of the Ďhorns of the bullí strat employed by the zulu to encircle their entrenched foes.



The Napoleonic Guide

All things Napoleon related, formations, nearly every battle, outfit insignia.† Maybe a bit on the dated side for future combat, but don't let the age fool you.† I own multiple copies of the Art of War by Sun Tzu and I read them often for insight into Planetside or other on line games i play.



Grunt:† The ultimate military site



John Boyd and the OODA Loop

John Boyd was one of the most brilliant strategists you have most likely never heard of.† Even finding stuff on the web that shows his true genius† is not easy.† But here at least is an image of his famous OODA Loop (observation, orientation, Decision, and Action).† It is John Boyd who reinvented the way we do war today, some say.† Many place his books next to Sun Tzu on their library shelves.



Tactical Gamer SOP page

Ok, this is the one, should be at the top but I wanted to hide it down a bit for anyone whoís really serious about tactics and not just skimming information and maps.† Tactical ops is a style of game play adopted by players that reflect real life rules and standard operating procedure.† It is INSANELY serious and not for 95% of the playing public (more like 99%) but for the few that enjoy it, there is NO other way to play.† The primerís stoplight fire discipline technique is borrowed heavily from tac gamers fire discipline.† As well as some of the Teamspeak etiquette.



Advanced Fighter Tactics IntroductionThis is an EXTENSIVE page on all types of fighter tactics.† It deals with jet fighters as opposed to the VTOLís we use in Planetside.† It does go over serious issues like one vs many, or two vs two air to air combat.† With the exception of barrel rolls which to my knowledge cannot be completed in PS there is a ton of useful information.† One quick note, there is a lot of text dealing with two man teams (man / wingman) using the bracket maneuver and some drag / lag technique which, if used properly by a PAIR of flyers is very effective.† But be the judge for yourself.



Combat Aircraft.Com TacticsThis is a visual representation of a great deal of air to air maneuvers with extensive explanation of how they are achieved.† There are over a dozen well defined maneuvers that can be taken from real world examples and moved here into the Planetside universe.† (These two sites deal with air to air combat, which is not covered here in this primer, this is for ground infantry.† We will be using our aircraft for air to ground assaults or more often, merely transport.)



Other Pages of Planetside Strategy



Not ONLY is this one of the best sites for planetside information in general, they have a GREAT GUY doing some of the editorials for them.† His name escapes me, however his KEEN insight into Planetside can be seen clearly from his uniquie and often witty writing style.† Here is a direct link to that article entitled:† Is planetside all games.The whole site is worth checking out at...

Stratics: Planetside



Also there is a forum not everyone visits much where PS players talk strat all day long.† It has pages upon pages of tactics and strategy submitted by Planetside players. Click blelow for more




The BEST of the above Planetside site, hosted by SOE no less, is listed in a series of links, like this page at the top of the tactics page.† Warrior Nation has no less than Four separate links there that lead to posts and pages on strategy.† Its specific address is

Player Strategy Guide Index



Here is SONYís own site devoted to some in game tactics.† Although they tend to be single player oriented, they are still worth listing.† Take note that the advanced planning pages of Sony have NOTHING on them, I want to petition them to use this, lol.† In either case here are their takes on strat.

The Lone Gunman

The Stealth Assassin






Appendix A

Base assault maps

Appendix B

Gen assault maps


Appendix C

Tower assault maps


Appendix D

Backdoor Maps


Appendix E

Base Names Origins


Appendix F

Military Quotes


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Appendix I

WNx Information


Appendix J








Appendix G

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Appendix G

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The Squad