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Base assault maps

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Gen assault maps


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Tower assault maps


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Backdoor Maps


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Base Names Origins


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WNx Information


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Appendix I

WNx Information

Appendix I

WNx Information

Role Playing Games

Diablo 2
Neverwinter Nights
Dungeon Siege

Real Time Strategy

WarCraft 3
Age of Mythology: The Titans
CnC Generals + Zero Hour

Tactical Shooters

Team Fortress Classic
Ghost Recon

Raven Shield


A detailed history of Warrior Nation can be found HERE it details the over 5 years of gaming goodness from its humble beginnings in Total Annihilation up to the current list of over 2 dozen separate games now hosted by ’the Naiton’  The Planetside Division of Warrior Nation, although decently sized, is merely one small faction of the larger nation with members scattered around the globe. (as the below image illustrates)


We hope you take time to visit our main site (links on headers above) and stop by to say hi in our forums if you have the desire to.  WN is a family of friendly gamers who respect & admire one another’s abilities in all the games we play.  If you have any interest in becoming part of that family, don’t hesitate to send us an email or post on our guest forums. 


Below is a Link to the ‘Nations of Commandments’ or simply put the rules and regulations that Warrior Nation Clan runs by.  The rules earlier in the primer deal with only the Planetside division, but these are the overriding laws that govern the entire clan.  Any interest at all in WN one should take a quick look at them at the link below



First Person Shooter

Enemy Territory
America's Army
Call of Duty
C&C Renegade
Jedi Academy
Day of Defeat
Battle Grounds

Battlefield Vietnam

Multiplayer online Gaming


Dark Age of Camelot
Ragnarok Online
Final Fantasy XI



Here is a current list (4/1/04) of the games that Warrior Nation plays.  Some have dedicated servers paid for by the section that plays the game.  And all have use of WNx’s dedicated 24/7 Teamspeak server.

About the Author…


KiddPark is a musician from Philadelphia Pennsylvania where his band ‘ KnewFoulke ‘ makes semi regular appearances at bars and bookstores and fish markets when they actually feel like getting together.  His Band, once rated one of the top 200 Unsigned Bands in the world by MUSICIAN Magazine back in the 90s, now plays only a few times a year and records in his posh basement studio (well, not really).  If you want to hear some of KnewFoulke here are some tunes…


Flying with the Drones

Evil Penny from Hell



Gaming since 83, he previously lead a Subspace guild with 60 regular pilots back in the mid 90s, then became a Captain in WNx Ghost Recon Division for a year before moving to Planetside as a recruit where he rose through the ranks and now shares outfit leadership with WNxDarwrath for Warrior Nation.


A former postal worker (yup) he’s now retired and takes care of his three kids whenever he’s not playing PS or working on the next version of the primer.




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