Warrior Nation Elite soldier primer written by WNxKiddPark


Any of this maybe reprinted on any forums as long as the author is given credit for his (my) work  I hope you enjoyed reading it and hopefully

found something useful in its contents.



Appendix A

Base assault maps

Appendix B

Gen assault maps


Appendix C

Tower assault maps


Appendix D

Backdoor Maps


Appendix E

Base Names Origins


Appendix F

Military Quotes


Appendix G

Web Links


Appendix H


Appendix I

WNx Information


Appendix J








Appendix J


Appendix J


I Want to give thanks to everyone in Warrior Nation Planetside Division for helping us work out the kinks and get down the stuff that worked to make this primer actually something useful.  But especially I want to thank my Elite Squadron team and the alternates for all the nights of hard work NOT fighting,  The addition of the new material really helps round out the rest of the primer.   I want to say thanks for everyone who helped me, gave me support (literally) throughout the writing and re-writing.  And to all the soldiers in the field who have read previous versions and given me ideas for future ones.


Also thanks to Warrior Nation itself for giving me all the space to create something so big and draws in so many people on a daily basis.  There is no way I could have kept this going on my own private site, It would have locked up long ago.


And thanks to the outfits in Planetside that have given me direction on tactics and help refine them, and to our Vanu allies especially:  BA, RP, FC, S&M, & the Rebels.



WNxKiddPark 9/1/04



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