Things to remember when running with

An organized team



The ability to take orders.†


Being able to WAIT for your comrades to organize.† All too often people respawn (in any game) and suit up, and go flying towards the enemy alone, one after another, like a bad karate movie.


†††††† Keeping Quiet on Teamspeak.† When Battle Chat is enforced, it is essential that only squad relevant material be sent out on teamspeak.† Even when battle chat is called off, it is expected that the topic will stay mainly focused on Planetside.† This is discussed in detail later


What you do represents your entire outfit.† (VERY IMPORTANT) In nearly all other games that do not take place on a massive server like this, a clan will wear tags showing who they work for (WNx / SHS / JAG / {UO} / [LB] ).† When someone does something to hurt the game for someone else, or come up with a superb maneuver to save the entire game very rarely do people remember the name AFTER the tag, they just remember that someone with THAT tag did it.† In short, act mature, treat everyone fairly and try to be respectful to other people playing the game.


Stick with your team or your moving buddy† You should nearly always stay close to your fire team whenever possible.† More often you should stay in VISUAL RANGE of them.†


Make sure you know whatís happening.† Some would call it situational awareness, but itís more than that.† If the squad leader has laid down the mission plan, and you do not understand it totally it is ok to ask again what is about to happen.† Make sure you are on the same page as everyone else in your squad for the mission at hand.† Donít be the guy going left when everyone else goes right.


Stay on guard at all times.† Even in the emptiest of bases or towers, a someone may be lurking.† Keep your primary weapon out and reloaded when not doing anything else.



First off lets start by saying this wonít be NEAR the length of the Sentinel primer.† That one is available for reference for all sorts of play styles and doesn't really leave enough holes for there to be a Ďsecondí primer in existence.† What follows is a brief study in the art of the super support squadron, sometimes called recon, here called ShadowS for the way they sneak around and named in honor of my old subspace squadron the SS.† The following 3 pages will focus on the three main techniques of the Shadow Squadron, they are as follows



††††††††† 1st.† RECON:† They will perform the job of RECON for the main Sentinel squadron whereas they will reconnoiter the area that will soon be attacked.† They will have specific instructions from the platoon leader or sentinel commander for information that is needed, and they will be expected to get the information to the commanders in a timely fashion.



††††††††† 2nd.† Heavy Armor:† They will also be the heavy armor backup for the sentinel squadron.† Every member of the shadows will have a max cert available to them.† At any given moment, the Sentinel team may find it necessary to have a bit more firepower at their disposal and thatís where the ShadowS come OUT of the shadows, and gear up to form a mini max crash.



††††††††† 3rd.† Farts:† Finally they will be the equivalent of a Fast Attack Response Team (F.A.R.T.) the likes of HT or FC where they can move about a continent very quickly using air support or the upcoming Phantasm to move around effortlessly to help re-secure and repair structures wherever they are needed.† It is hoped that the MAX amount of time the Shadow team can attack any given target is less than 3 minutes from the asking.



So thatís a lot of shoes for one squad to fill.† They have to be fast, silent, yet heavy and have lots of firepower at the same time.† The shadows make up the ultimate support squadron for ANY unit, but can also function on their own in the field.† But as a commander, it will be damn nice to know that these guys are out there somewhere that can be called upon to back up the rest of the outfit in emergency situations.


The ShadowS differ from the Sentinels in many ways.† But on the map, the main difference is that when they are functioning within a platoon with the Sentinels, they will NOT be using any map coordinates other than their waypointing systems.† Instead, the Sentinel Commander will use a BLUE LINE to represent where he needs the ShadowS to go.† Whether to re-secure, recon, or to back up as maxes, it will be a BLUE LINE on the map that the ShadowS will follow in the field.

Welcome to the Warrior Nation

ShadowS Recon Primer 




Requirements for the ShadowS


Must use Teamspeak (ShadowS channel)



Advanced Hacking or Advanced Medical

Max Certification (any but AA)

Mosquito Aircraft


Sensor Shield


WNx Sentinel