It’s with that simple statement that the ShadowS begin to take on their true form.  The ShadowS do many things, and do them well.  But one thing a team of cloakers can never do as effectively as Grunts in Rexo, and that’s duke it out as if they were wearing armor.  I often forget how fragile my cloaker suit is and go after enemy with small pistol in hand only to be taken down without effort, or even skill.  The usefulness of the cloaking part of the shadows is to be sneaky.  To be where the enemy does not believe you to be (Sun-Tzu).  If, when the Sentinels are guarding the CC, the ShadowS should most likey, if NOT certed out as MAXES, be anywhere BUT the CC.  This is such an opposite mode of thinking than what we’re used to, at first it never really occurred to me.  Others however, have seen the light (or the light in the shadow as it were) to rethink the ‘stay together’ theory and have a squad that, although scattered, is still functioning tightly as a unit no matter where their position.


Animal Farm


To this end we will use a simple, easy to remember, code name for the various defenders.  They were chosen according to what their job is.  Below is the list of what each one does.  When cloakers are in short supply the first ones to go are in this order...


Hen  then Penguin  then Spider


The Shark MUST patrol through the corridors of the base and look for enemy activity.  The other positions, although important do not have such a huge job to find and track the enemy.  The tower can be lost, the CY can be overrun, the CC cloaker ends up sitting there with nothing to do anyway most of the time, but the Shark…  The shark is the one to sound the alarm when enemy is near.  It should be posted even if there are NO ShadowS around.  One soldier, although important, will not win or loose the base in the end CC battle, but having his eyes and ears in that spawn room to avert it certainly will.












 Wall Guard


(penguin - above): cruising the CY and the Base walls looking for random dropping and sneaking enemy. Always keeping eyes on the sky looking for enemy.

Tower Guard


(spider): in tower guarding CC for lone hackers, also, if CE, creating a trap for enemy coming in and trying to hack the base with boomers behind CC.

The #1 rule when running through a base is hug the outside

 walls in hallways and staircases.


People tend to take the inside when they make turns in hallways thinking it’s somehow faster.  This is where they will run into an ivisible wall and take some random shots to see if something is there.  IF you hug the outside walls in EVERY situation, you will up your chances of survival because people don’t go near them in most random situations.  Once the fight breaks out, its anybodies guess where people will stop to shoot, rearm, etc.  But In sneaking situations, stay to the outside.












‘The strategy of scattering cloakers at important spots (base, spawns, gen, whatever) makes it more likely that someone will live to rez/rehack the tower/kill the CC hacker to buy some time, etc. And I believe the idea can be generalized to assisting the sentinels... ’











The Return of the Star


If for some reason the ShadowS need to move outside without the use of their mosquitos or maxes, they will travel in the seldom used rolling star.  It doesn't have to look exactly perfect.  It doesn't have to line up on numbers.  Just keep it spread out enough that one mine, or one area affect weapon cannot destroy the entire squad at once.  Keep the point man way in front, and the flank men apart and in the rear.  The side (or shoulder) men should swing way outside the left right and focus fire likewise 90 degrees their respective directions