Yes Farts, you think you know everything about them ehh?  Well think again.  Fast Action Response Teams are the lightning squads that snatch victory out from under you at the last second.  They are the selfless teams that cruise across entire continents to repair gens at tech plants that go down for no apparent reason whatsoever.  Usually composed of Hotshots, I’d like to see a squad of these guys working closely in the air, and then on the ground to be the last chance at re-securing or repairing a target.


The main vehicle in a Fart squad is the Mosquito.  Its speed can get a squad to target anywhere on a continent in under 2 minutes when travel on the ground would take upwards of 10.  So in this case, splitting up the squad into many different vehicles is the preferred method.  Once Planetside introduces the Phantasm (5 man cloaked Gal)  It MAY become the primary way that the shadows will travel leaving the mosquitoes as a secondary mode.  However.  The mosquitoes will NEVER be removed as a mode of travel.  Thereby adding yet ANOTHER facet to the Shadows Support structure… a mini air corps that can, in a pinch, cover the sents or other outfits on their outside travels.



The bulk of Fart Strategy can be found on the two air support pages in the main Sentinel Primer at the following links.



Aircraft Formations  This page covers running a mosquito team in formation and moving as a single unit in the air.  It is very hard to do and takes a lot of practice, and the jury is still out on whether or not it is anything more than for looks.  But in any case it should be studied.



Fast Air Support  This page details how missions will be laid out from the battle map.  The red/yellow/green nature of stoplight maneuvering will be used often because of the large amount of time the crew may end up in the air OVER their targets as opposed to IN them.


Aside from those Primer pages, the other things you need to understand is SPEED.  This is an area that most organized squadrons have tremendous difficulties with because of the time factor it takes to get a group of people moving.  Hell, getting my Wife and three kids in the car in under a half hour is damn near the speed of light, let alone a gaggle of on line geeks.  So, above all else, when it comes to farts they must be fast farts, and if you are cloaking, they must also be silent but deadly. (soooo sorry, I just couldn't help it)


The team should be ready to either hack, or get their hidden mosquito into the air and to the target in under 3 minutes from request time from the SL.  This is the core discipline for the ShadowS to be able to be where they are needed as quickly as possible.









Mosquitoes will be parked on Vehicle repair pads when assaulting bases whenever possible.  Make sure there is enough space to land two by two on them.  When not on repair pads, they will be parked in a staggered echelon formation on the ground in an out of the way part of the CY


It is important to reinforce the fact that the mosquitoes are merely a way for the team to get around, and not as an air corps.  However, in times when need be, the SL or Sentinel SL may ask the ShadowS to perform basic Air corps maneuvers to help out the units on the ground.  Mosquitoes are available everywhere and should be given up and destroyed without any thought whatsoever when it is so commanded by a red line strat.


IF the ShadowS are running in a platoon with the Sentinels, they will NOT be using the on screen mappings to determine their targets, but merely what the SL says at the start of the mission.  Example:  ‘ok boys, this is a red line mission to target.’  Because the Sentinel commander will have enough to do with his team on the ground.  It is expected that the ShadowS team will know where they need to go by the use of the BLUE LINE, that is laid out by the Sentinel SL for the ShadowS.



A quick word on routers.  Here are the facts about routers after extensive testing.


The distance of a router to a router pad can be as much as a base SOI from the center

The time it takes for the pad to start working once placed is exactly one minute

They aren't used much


When routers are available from members of EITHER squad,  then all the members of the ShadowS team will carry router pads with them whenever possible so that at least ONE of them can make it after a tower drop or other such maneuver from the mosquitoes or even cloaked inside a base.  One soldier with ONE router pad has a very slim chance of making it to the target.  However, a TEAM of them all with pads in their invitatory ups their chances that at least ONE of them will make it.

Cloud Callout: Who cut 
One ?

Floating star rallied at waypoint 4