The Drop

AMP Stations:† When landing on Amp stations, its important to hit one ďplankí of the roof or the other. (red xís) after that you will dive over the edge of either of the planks and straight down through the doors to the main room where you will once more hop the railing, cut immediately backwards and find a waiting weapons terminal for you to hack.† Once that is hacked, you will used the three weapons terminals to orient yourself to find the correct path down to the CC and the tubes.† Once you figure out the center of the three weapons terminals in the main room, you want to enter the doorway immediately to the LEFT of it to gain the quickest access to the core of the base.

The Drop


These are the basic maps on what to do and where exactly to go once youíve dropped out of your air transport to begin your next phase as a shadow.†


Dropship & Interlink Facilities:† While in the air, you are farting, but once you reach the ground you are sneaking and when at a dropship or interlink facility, you arnt sneaking very long because of the ĎChanging Roomí† A small room located on the tops of both bases that allow the team to hack out maxes and begin some serious carnage.† The maps below detail how to bail and target yourself so you can get into these rooms as quickly as possible.† Once youíve suited up, the pattern shows you to go STRAIGHT out the changing room door, hop the railing and make a right turn into the top floor of the base.† After you clear the main room, you are to jump the railing yet again and cut back to the sneaky route to the tubes or the CC.† Iíts vital the maxes / cloakers donít meet enemy units until they have to.


Bio Labs:† These bases, because of their few floors, leave little room for heavy strat using the farting / maxing assault.† In fact there is no need for an outside map.† You land on the roof, and get in the ONLY door that leads downstairs.† One half flight down you make a right at the door and once in the main room, use the weapons terminal to hack out a max.


Once the maxes have been hacked out, itís entirely up to you what direction you take when heading back down the stairs.† If you attack the Spawns, you make a RIGHT at the bottom of the staircase.† IF you are attacking the CC, then you make a left.† Thatís about as complicated as I can make it sound

Tech Plants:† This is a tricky one.† IN fact everything about tech plants seems to present some sort of strange problem.† Why should this be any different.† Two paths to go, one is through the air terminal on the top floor next to the CC.† Very dangerous, LOTS of enemy moving there to check on the CC and get their aircraft.† The path to the main room weapons term is pretty simple, down the stairs to the first door.† But the enemy you encounter make it almost impossible to get there unnoticed.



The other way to go is a crazy walk around the outer edge of the inner base wall until you reach the main door.† It will be some 6 meters below you because of the parapet you use to make it from the Air spawn, round the building, jump down one level, and end up standing above the main door outside.† You can accomplish the main door jump by going down the outside stairs if there isn't much enemy presence.† But using this somewhat awkward long distance runaround assures you wont be easily detected.


Once you are able to access the main floor room be sure when you hack the weapons term you do it from the SIDE closest to the staircase and not in front.† Doing it in front will activate the doors and alert the enemy to your presence.† Once you have your maxes, itís up to you what you want to do next, downstairs to the tubes or up to the CC.