To begin the sortie.  Units will rally up at either waypoint four standard, or go to waypoint one and raise to roof level and hold position.  All units will travel at max altitude scanning the ground for targets.  Being at max altitude means there can be nothing above you.  Once a target is spotted it will be announced by the ship that first contacts it as follows…


Ground target moving - ‘ground moving’

Ground target stationary - ‘ground station’

Air target - ‘air (either incoming or away)’


Lets use three units as our test.  Unit one sees a target, a lightning perhaps, and calls out ‘ground moving’ then gives a basic clock method of its general position (straight ahead 12, direct rear 6, etc, you’ve all seen the movies)  Since the entire wolfpack is following a designated pattern the position of the target should (SHOULD) remain a constant.  Two of the three airships will dive Stuka style on the target.  The third will lag back scanning the horizon to be sure of no air cover.  One man will ALWAYS lag behind on the dive, he is called the EYE.  Only after the Eye ship seems sure there is no immediate air threat he will join the attack.


Aircraft will focus on one target at a time until that target is destroyed.  Only afterwards will they focus on a different target.  A half damaged target can still fire, so spreading your fire between targets is not an option.  Pick ONE target, KILL that target, MOVE to next target.




Wolf Pack

The Wolfpack


Any battle, one on one, can be a crap shoot.  Your odds increase or decrease depending on your skill vs the skill of your opponent, the weapons being used by both sides, luck, as well as a bunch of other things I can’t seem to remember.  Same battle, place TWO people on your side, no matter what you are doing, maxes, flying, tanks, anything, and any idiot can see that you have the advantage, and will most likely win the fight.  Now increase that number to Seven.  This is a wolfpack.  They patrol the skies when needed to suppress ground troop movement and limit the enemies ability go get aircraft into the skies.


They can fly in formation, or they can fly in a loose group.  They don’t need to look pretty to be effective.  But the rules of engagement must be followed if a true wolfpack is able to be at its most effective.  Simple, clear rules that everyone must know about beforehand so that everyone can do what it takes for the team to survive.  Each man up there relies on the other ones to cover him and chase away attackers.  The trust part is very important when dealing with wolfpack situations.  Lets cover the basics.


Text Box: Shadows Rallying up for a fight at waypoint 4

The map


The image on the left is a standard wolfpack symbol that will be drawn on the map to show the pilots the area of opportunity.  Sorties will be flown starting at waypoint 1 and moving up the numbers until 3 then back to one again.  Anything that the pilots see inside the blue lines is to be hunted down by the entire team as a single, unified force.  Anything outside the triangle is found in the red zone where chase is to be given until they pass the outer circle, then break off attack, and focus again on the target area.  There will NOT be a circle on the map, only the triangle.  The circle is an imagined area that you will know how far to follow targets outside of the zone. The exception to the above rule are AMS’s.  These are to be hunted down until dead by all units.

Under Fire


If you are attacked in the air ALL units will break off ground target attacks to come to the aid of the member under trouble.  This may seem a waste of material, however, when the teams full force comes to bear on a single target that target, especially if an aircraft, will most likely turn tail and run.  We will use the psychological force of the wolfpack to scare off enemy aircraft even more so than the weapons themselves.



Final notes


If you are unfortunate enough to be shot down during your sortie, it is vitally important to the pack to have you back in the air as quickly as possible.  To this end, you will forgo jumping out of your damaged vehicle and instead ride it straight into the ground.  This will allow you to respawn back at the base and get in the air MUCH MUCH faster than if you bail, run a lot, and maybe get back to base on foot.  This will be one of the harder things to teach yourself but it MUST be done for speeds sake.


As long as there are at least TWO people still in the sky, the sortie will continue until it returns back to waypoint one, where the team will rally up and wait for the dead to get back into formation.


People seldom come across a team of organized air units.  It’s even more rare than our organized Sentinels.  This is a Powerful tool that only we currently possess.  It brings the ShadowS support structure into balance making it an air corps when needed.  Thus filling nearly EVERY support role possible.

If you come under fire in the air you will call for help in the following way ‘under air attack’ then you will wait one second and BREAK RIGHT, ALWAYS RIGHT, and move to the CENTER or the triangle.  THIS is where the other members of the pack will stream into to help remove your attacker from your tail.  You are free to engage your attacker but lure him to the center as you do this.


Once more, for emphasis. 


When a teammate is under attack, you will

CANCEL your current sortie and go to his aid on EVERY occasion..