For those of you who donít know the origins of the shadow Squadron, here is the 5 second update.† The Shadow Squadron was one of the team based organized outfits in an old game I used to play you may often hear me talk about called subspace.† It was here, back in the mid 90s where I learned nearly everything I needed to help create an organized squadron of people trying to work towards a common goal.† In the beginning the ships that the Shadow Squadron used were only cloakers, but eventually we branched out to all different varieties of ships and tactics.† Many of which are still used today, over 7 years later, by the people who play the game.† Tactics that we pioneered ourselves and were associated with our squadron only.








Thanks to everyone who helped get the Sentinel squad going so strong this second time around so that we have the ability to field a Recon unit.† Without the Sentinels working so well there would be no reason to even attempt to create this highly stylized support squadron.


WNxKiddPark, Outfit Leader Planetside




I Want to give thanks to everyone in Warrior Nation Planetside Division for helping us work out the kinks and get down the stuff that worked to make this primer actually something useful.† But especially I want to thank my Elite Squadron team and the alternates for all the nights of hard work NOT fighting,† The addition of the new material really helps round out the rest of the primer.†† I want to say thanks for everyone who helped me, gave me support (literally) throughout the writing and re-writing.† And to all the soldiers in the field who have read previous versions and given me ideas for future ones.